Every Home Crusade

Every Home Crusade

Every Home Crusade is a Gospel Literature ministry involved in printing Gospel tracts and booklets in 95 Languages. This literature is supplied overseas free of charge to many missions, churches and Evangelistic organisations in over 120 countries. The ministry has its own printing equipment and at present is using five tonnes of paper each working day in the production of Evangelistic Literature.

In 1946, a young Canadian pastor named Jack McAlister encouraged his radio audience to help provide gospel literature to missionaries through the Tract Club of the Air. In 1952, he founded World Literature Crusade—known today as Every Home for Christ to further coordinate the placement of millions of gospel messages in bulk in countries around the globe.

The first “Every Home Crusade” was launched in Japan in 1953 by founder Jack McAlister and fellow missionary to Japan, Ken McVety.


  • James Gavin