Ernest Rudy Danielson

Ernest Rudy Danielson

Ernest (1909–1943)/Mary (unknown)

Ernest Rudolph (Rudy) Danielson and Mary S Maluske met as students at Wheaton College.  Both Rudy and Mary had previously studied at the Moody Bible Institute. Mary was interested in doing missionary work in Portuguese East Africa (Mozambique) and after graduation headed to Portugal for language training.  Rudy graduated in 1936 and also decided to enter the missionary field.  He wrote to Mary in Portugal asking her to marry him. They married in 1938 and left for Africa in 1939.

After failing to gain permission to enter Mozambique, the Danielsons made their way up the Zambezi Valley in NE Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) setting up the Msengedzi mission station in 1942 along with fellow missionaries Orval and Helen Dunkeld.  “When the hot, humid weather returned the following year, however, Rudy again became seriously ill.”  The Danielsons traveled for two days to get help at the hospital in Bindura where he was diagnosed with typhoid fever.  His condition worsened.  He died five weeks later on November 25, 1943, leaving his wife and 2-year old daughter, Muriel.  Rudy is buried in Bindura.

Mary returned to the United States, but with the concurrence of her supporting church made the decision to return to Zimbabwe with her young daughter.  She remained for the next 10 years teaching at the Mavuradonha Central Primary School, being the principal the last three years until her transfer to Chironga Teacher Training School.