Ernest Matthews Channing-Renton

Ernest Matthews Channing-Renton



Captain Ernest Channing was born in England in 1895. He fought in World War I with with 1/5th DCLI from June 1916 until wounded in attack at Foret de Nieppe in May 1918. He also served Ancre, Somme, Ypres &c. He was also a British vice-consul.

He was an author of autobiographical works and fiction for children as well as an artist in oils, water-colour, Indian ink & charcoal. In 1920 he wrote a book called Subaltern in the Field, followed by Jesus College, Cambridge, in Black and White in 1921, With the Cornwall Territorials on the Western Front in 1922, History of the 1st D.C.L.I., 1914. Compiled from official records and other sources in 1923, and Letters from Bohemian in 1939. He did not continue writing again until the late 1970’s. During his writing, his surname changed from E C Matthews to E M Channing-Renton.

He died 27th December, 1976 due to complications arising from gas poisoning during his service in World War I.


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