Eric David Bowie

Eric David Bowie



Eric David Bowie (b.1900) – City Stamp Shop, 1 St. Swithin’s Lane, London EC4 was noted on a newsletter 1st May, 1937 advertising Coronation stamps. Bowie was prosecuted for forgery of Silver Jubilee philatelic material on the insistence of Robson Lowe and its rumored to have worked with Madame Joseph.

Bowie had ties with The Broadway Stamp Company and Harris and Whitehurst of Birmingham. After serving time, he set up shop in Bermuda c.1939. He served as a Lieutenant at the shore based HMS Goshawk, Piarco, Trinidad during WWII – he also sold stamps. Ted Proud notes that Commander E.D. Bowie was in Malaya at war’s end.

He returned to Bermuda in 1946 where he specialized in the stamps of the Japanese Occupation of Malaya – he wrote a short book on the same. In February 1961 he visited stamp dealer Everard F. Aguilar in Jamaica. Circa 1963 he moved to the Jersey Rose Farm where he sold his stock to Harry Martin Jr. of the Empire Stamp Corporation, Toronto.

Bowie was back in Bermuda by 1975 where he continued his ill-tempered spat with Robson Lowe. He was eventually admitted to St. Brendan’s Hospital, Bermuda’s mental health institution.

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