Encyclopedia of Rhodesian and Zimbabwean Postage Stamps Since 1964

Encyclopedia of Rhodesian and Zimbabwean Postage Stamps Since 1964


The RSC was approached by the RSC Zimbabwe Group, with the Mashonaland Philatelic Society, to undertake an update of the Mashonaland Guide to Rhodesia’s Postage Stamps. In discussion with the Zimbabweans I suggested that we need to go much further than what was achieved in the Guide. I am attempting to gather as much information as I am able on each stamp issues, the general headings for the sections being:

  • Background to the issue
  • Stamp design and development
  • The issued stamps
  • Catalogue listing in Stanley Gibbons and Rhodesia Stamp Catalogue
  • Technical details
  • Listed varieties from the Mashonaland Guide and catalogues(with scanned examples, where possible-but not necessarily for all flyspecks)
  • Unlisted varieties (all supported by scanned examples)
  • First Day Covers
  • Anything else that may be associated with that stamp issue e.g. the Binda forgeries with the Independence overprint

Information can come from whatever source -magazines, journals, auction catalogues and, of course, actual studies already undertaken or in progress.

This is a big project but one that goes to the heart of the Rhodesian Study Circle in an area that has only had scattered attention.

At this stage may I thank the following people for their assistance so far in preparing the issued files:

  • Dave Trathen
  • Mike Hughes
  • Jeremy Jackman
  • Narendrha Morar
  • James Gavin
  • Dave Cooper
  • Jefferson Ritson
  • Stuart Sawyers
  • Otto Peetoom
  • Rob Burnett
  • Tony Banks
  • John Knight
  • Terry Cowlard
  • Adrian de Bourbon
  • Keith Harrop
  • Henk De Lange

If you would like to contribute any information, please Contact Us.

Many thanks,
Geoff Brakspear
August 2018


Southern Rhodesia
  • 1964 (Updated! August 2018)
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