Encyclopedia of Rhodesian and Zimbabwean Postage Stamps Since 1964

Encyclopaedia of Rhodesian and Zimbabwean Postage Stamps Since 1964

The RSC was approached by the RSC Zimbabwe Group, with the Mashonaland Philatelic Society, to undertake an update of the Mashonaland Guide to Rhodesia’s Postage Stamps. In discussion with the Zimbabweans, I suggested that we need to go much further than what was achieved in the Guide.
The first release of sections of the Encyclopaedia occurred in December 2016, and four years later the final section to the end of 2020 were completed. The release of the Encyclopaedia in digital format was made possible with the RSC website the ideal format to distribute information across the world to all RSC members. The advantage of a digital version of the entire work was that sections could be updated and improved as more information became available. For example, the section dealing with the Mardon
printings of the 1966 definitive has been updated a further ten times since it was first released.
It is, of course, possible to print the entire contents out, but it is over 2,200 A4 pages long and would need five lever arched files to contain it. It is better to only print out was is needed for closer study. The Encyclopaedia will continue to be improved as more information becomes available, and it will continue to be added to periodically with new stamp issues from the Zimbabwe Post Office.
Please peruse the files and feedback comments, criticisms and, more specifically, more information and additional material. This has been a big project but one that goes to the heart of the Study Circle’s aims and objectives. Please contact me by email at geoff.brakspear@btopenworld.com.
Without the support of a great number of people the Encyclopaedia would not be the success that it apparently become. May I thank the following people for their assistance so far in preparing the issued files: (apologies to anyone not included in this list)
Dave Trathen, Mike Hughes, Jeremy Jackman, Narendhra Morar, James Gavin, Dave Cooper, Jefferson Ritson, Stuart Sawyers, Otto Peetoom, Rob Burnett, Tony Banks, John Knight, Terry Cowlard, Adrian de Bourbon, Keith Harrop, Henk de Lange, Gordon Atkinson, Rod Kantor, Simon Peetoom, Milton Mutengezanwa, Bruce Kennedy, Buster Schemper, Dick Shurmer, Malte Luebker, Pat Flanagan, Terry Devine, Jamie Smith,
More particular thanks must go to James Gavin who first set up the Encyclopaedia within the RSC website, and to him, and later Sean Burke, for continuing to add new and updated material.
Many thanks
Geoff Brakspear
August 2021


Southern Rhodesia


  • Dave Trathen
  • Mike Hughes
  • Jeremy Jackman
  • Narendrha Morar
  • James Gavin
  • Dave Cooper
  • Jefferson Ritson
  • Stuart Sawyers
  • Otto Peetoom
  • Rob Burnett
  • Tony Banks
  • John Knight
  • Terry Cowlard
  • Adrian de Bourbon
  • Keith Harrop
  • Henk De Lange
  • Terry Devine
  • Mike Jelbert
  • Gordon Atkinson
  • Rod Kantor
  • Simon Peetoom
  • Milton Mutengezanwa
  • Bruce Kennedy
  • Malte Luebker