Empire Air Mail Scheme 1938 – Stage 3

Empire Air Mail Scheme 1938 – Stage 3

Australasia & New Zealand

The Empire Air Mail Scheme (EAMS) provided regular connections between the countries of the British Empire at the very low postal rate of 1½d per half oz. As this was an all-up service, an air mail label was not needed.

On the 26th July, 1938, the third stage of the scheme extended to Australia and New Zealand. Mail left Salisbury 28th July, 1938. Flown by Rhodesia and Nyasaland Airways (R.A.N.A.) to Beira, then by Imperial Airways to Alexandria by the Durban-Southampton flying boat service, then to Townsville on the Imperial Airways England-Australia service, and finally to Rabaul by WR Carpenter Airlines.

Flight Covers

Salisbury to New Zealand
Salisbury to Papua