Emerald Hill Children’s Home

Emerald Hill Children’s Home

Emerald Hill

The Catholic Dominican Sisters opened Emerald Hill Children’s Home for orphaned and other vulnerable children in 1914, at Emerald Hill, a suburb of Harare, Zimbabwe (formerly Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia).  The land had been given to them in 1908 by benefactor Hugh de Noon to be used as a convalescent home and place of rest and renewal.  In keeping with the Order’s ever widening welfare role, the site instead was put to use in service to others.  Not until 1964 did the Sisters build their own accommodations at Emerald Hill, with private rooms, library and community room.

Initially the Children’s Home was open to “Europeans” (whites) only.  In 1974 it was re-registered to include “Colored” and Indian children, and 1981 it was made a “multiracial home – for all races.”  Today, the home cares for over 100 children.  The younger children attend a local state-run primary school.  After completing their primary education, the boys move to St. Joseph’s House for Boys, Belvedere, Harare. Emerald Hill is also home to St. John’s High School (opened by the Dominican Sisters in 1925).


  • Mark Loomis