Ellis Allen Ltd: Ellis Allen – Type E

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Ellis Allen – Type E

The pictures are printed in black & white.  The undivided backing is printed in black ink, as is the caption below the picture.

No.sDescriptionEarliest PMK Date
N/A1896 Memorial and Agency Building, Bulawayo.
N/AGrand Hotel, Bulawayo.26/07/1906
N/AInduna and Family.18/06/1910
N/AKhami Ruins.21/12/1906
N/ALobengula's Indaba Tree and Government House, Bulawayo.
N/AMarket Day on the Square, Bulawayo.22/08/1907
N/AMuseum, Bulawayo. / Public Library, Bulawayo.31/03/1907
N/AWilloughby's Building and '96 Memorial, Bulawayo00/00/1909