Drs. Giles and Wana Ann Fort

Drs. Giles and Wana Ann Fort

Giles Fort (1924 – 2013) Wana Ann Fort (1924 – 2015)

Doctors Giles and Wana Ann Fort served with the Southern Baptist Convention International Mission Board (formerly Foreign Mission Board) as pioneer missionary doctors at Sanyati Baptist Hospital in Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) for nearly 36 years beginning in 1952.  The Forts were the first doctors at the remote Sanyati Baptist Hospital, which they helped to establish.

Dr. Giles Fort’s medical experience included family practice, general surgery, ophthalmology and anesthesiology.  Dr. Wana Fort served as a pediatrician.  The Shona people referred to her as “Mai Chiremba,” meaning “Mother Doctor.”  The Forts raised five sons in Zimbabwe.  Three have served or continue to serve as missionaries with the International Mission Board.  Two of the Forts’ sons are medical doctors.

Both Dr. Giles and Wana Ann received their medical training at Baylor University College of Medicine.  Giles Fort served in the U.S. Navy during World War II.  Wana Ann Fort wrote an autobiography of her years as a missionary doctor entitled “A Thousand Times Yes.”

The Forts retired from missionary service in 1988, not long after Dr. Giles Fort was diagnosed with axial dystonia, a muscle condition from which he suffered for many years.


  • Mark Loomis