Copperbelt University

Copperbelt University


Copperbelt University is a public university in Kitwe, Zambia. It is the second-largest public university in Zambia. It was established through an Act of Parliament No. 19 of 1987.

Prior to 1987, the University existed as a campus of the University of Zambia Federal System with two schools; namely: School of Business and Industrial Studies (SBIS) and School of Environmental Studies (SES). The campus was referred to as the University of Zambia at Ndola (UNZANDO) until 1 December 1987.

As of 1 January 1989 the Zambia Institute of Technology (ZIT) was incorporated into the Copperbelt University to form the School of Technology. Since 1987, the University has significantly grown from only two faculties to ten by the end of 2013; it now provides very unique programmes that have not been replicated elsewhere. The total number of students in 2017 was 11,900 and having had over 54,000 students in the past 25 years.

It currently operates from four campuses: Jambo Drive Main Campus, Parklands Campus, Ndola Campus and Kapasa Makasa Campus. All these campuses provide an atmosphere conducive to learning, systematic inquiry and pedagogy. These campuses are located in suburban areas within reach of shopping malls and recreational facilities in the thriving cities of Kitwe, Ndola and Chinsali in the renowned Copperbelt and Muchinga Provinces of Zambia.

The Copperbelt university has the biggest school of Engineering in the land offering a variety of Engineering Fields as Bachelor of degrees with honors. It is the first institution in Southern Africa to offer Mechatronics. It also has the biggest school of built environment offering programs such as Architecture, Real Estate, Urban and Regional Planning and Construction Economics Management (which also branches into Quantity Surveying).