Cooperation Internationale Belgique-Outremer

Cooperation Internationale Belgique-Outremer (Coopibo)



Coopibo is a Belgian non-governmental organisation that was established in 1962. The NGO specializes in gender, small farmers, methodological support and is limited to a number of countries. In 1976, Coopibo separated from the International Building Order and became an independent, pluralist non-governmental development organization. 

In the 1980s, Coopibo profiled itself as an operational organization that made sharp choices.

  • Choosing a defined field, namely sustainable agriculture;
  • Clearly choose farmers, and especially farmers, who still see perspective in agriculture;
  • Opting for organizational reinforcement instead of staring blindly at pure technology transfer.

By 1985, Coopibo worked in seven countries in Africa and Latin America with 50 partner organizations.

In 2001 Coopibo merged with  between Vredeseilanden and FADO. After the merger, it was decided to retain only the name Vredeseilanden, for the sake of being known to the general public. 

From 2018 the organization will continue under the international name Rikolto.


  • James Gavin