Consulate of Denmark

Consulate of Denmark


Denmark is one of the world’s leading countries in terms of foreign development assistance, being one of just a handful that dedicate at least 0.7% of total Gross National Income (GNI) to foreign development.

In 2001 Denmark closed its embassy in Lilongwe and withdrew all assistance to Malawi in an apparent rupture of relations between both nations. The move came after President Bakili Muluzi criticised donors (in which Denmark was a major donor), accusing them of meddling in African politics by using aid money to influence political trends on the continent.

In 2016, relations between Denmark and Malawi were re-established. During that time, Malawi minsters including George Chaponda continued to engage with Denmark, resulting in the re-opening of the Danish consulate in Lilongwe and a new lease of life for the partnership between the two countries.


  • James Gavin