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  • Memoir 1: The Sitwell Correspondence, Bechuanaland Protectorate and Mashonaland Postal Rates 1890-92 SOLD OUT
  • Memoir 2: The Early Postal History of the Mlanje District, B.C.A. SOLD OUT
  • Memoir 3: The Rhodesian Study Circle – Our History SOLD OUT
  • Memoir 4: Rhodesia and the Second Anglo Boer War SOLD OUT
  • Memoir 5: The Sitwell Correspondence, Bechuanaland Protectorate and Mashonaland Postal Rates 1890-92 SOLD OUT
  • Memoir 6: The Early Postal History of Central Africa; Two Important Correspondences
  • Memoir 7: The KGVI Stamps of Northern Rhodesia
  • Memoir 8The Postal Stationery of the British South Africa Company 1880-1924 SOLD OUT
  • Memoir 9: Early Goldmining In Southern Rhodesia – the Mining Regulations and Revenue Documents of the British South Africa Company 1890–1922 SOLD OUT
  • Memoir 10: Not allocated
  • Memoir 11: The Dies and Plates for the Early Stamp Issues of Northern Rhodesia and Highlights of the Collections of the Livingstone Museum SOLD OUT
  • Memoir 12: Surcharged Mail and the Postage Due Stamps of Northern Rhodesia 1924–64
  • Memoir 13: The Postal History of North-Eastern Rhodesia SOLD OUT
  • Memoir 14The ‘large Falls’ Stamps of Southern Rhodesia
  • Memoir 15: The Early Postal History of Barotseland; the Role of the Paris Missionaries in N.W. Rhodesia
  • Memoir 16: Postmarks on the 1910 – 1913 ‘Double-head’ issue and their rarity
  • Memoir 17: The postal history of Southern Rhodesia during World War II
  • Memoir 18: Cross-Border Mail via Northern Rhodesia
  • Memoir 19: The postal history of Bulawayo to 1923
  • Memoir 20: The Postage Stamps of British Central Africa
  • Memoir 21: The KG VI postage and revenue definitives of Southern Rhodesia
  • Memoir 22: A Guide to Rhodesian Philatelic Forgeries
  • Memoir 23: Letters to and from Bulawayo in 1890
  • Memoir 24: The Registration marks and labels of the British South Africa Company and Southern Rhodesia 1892-1980
  • Memoir 25: Airmails and First Flight Covers of the Rhodesias and Nyasaland 1911-2000
  • Memoir 26: Rhodesia 1910-1913 ‘Double Heads’ on Cover – the 2d Value and Above
  • Memoir 27: Postmarks on the Rhodesia 1913-1925 ‘Admiral’ issue
  • Memoir 28: Northern Rhodesia in ‘Admiral’ times
  • Memoir 29: A Study of the Colours and Printings of the Rhodesia Bi-coloured Admirals
  • Memoir 30The Postal History of the Paris Missionary Society in Barotseland 1884-1924
  • Memoir 31:
  • Memoir 32:
  • Memoir 33:
  • Memoir 34: Postmarks on the 1910-1913 Double Head Issue – Paradise Revisted
  • Memoir T.B.A.: – The Rhodesia 1910-1913 Double Head Issue – Fiscal Usage on Documents of the bi-coloured values: 2d to £1