Members of the Rhodesian Study Circle often work together to produce detailed work on various aspects of collecting. These publications are collectively known as Memoirs and are highly sought after for their in-depth information.



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1The Sitwell CorrespondenceN/A
2The Early Postal History of the Mlanje District, B.C.A.N/A
3The Rhodesian Study Circle – Our HistoryN/A
4Rhodesia's Role in the Second Anglo-Boer War(A) (B)
5The Fletcher Jones CorrespondenceN/A
6The Fletcher Jones (Revised) & Storey Correspondence(A) (B)
7The KG VI Postage and Revenue Stamps of Northern Rhodesia(A) (B)
8The Postal Stationery of the British South Africa Company 1890–1924(A) (B)
9Early Gold Mining in Southern Rhodesia(A) (B)
11The Dies and Plates for the Early Stamp Issues of Northern Rhodesia(A) (B)
12Surcharged Mail and the Postage Due Stamps of Northern Rhodesia 1924–64(A) (C)
13The Postal History of North-Eastern Rhodesia(A) (B)
14The ‘Large Falls’ Stamps of Southern Rhodesia(A) (B)
15The Early Postal History of Barotseland(A) (B)
16Postmarks on the 1910–1913 Double-head Issue(C)
17The Postal History of Southern Rhodesia during World War II(A) (B)
18Cross-Border Mail via Northern Rhodesia(A) (C)
19The Postal History of Bulawayo to 1923(A) (B)
20The Postage Stamps of British Central Africa(A) (B)
21The KG VI Postage and Revenue Definitives of Southern Rhodesia(A) (C)
22A Guide to Rhodesian Philatelic Forgeries(A) (C)
23Letters to and from Bulawayo in 1890(A) (C)
24Registration Marks and Labels of the British South Africa Company & Southern Rhodesia 1892-1980(A) (B)
25Airmails and First Flight Covers of the Rhodesias and Nyasaland 1911-2000(A) (C)
26Rhodesia 1910-1913 'Double Heads' on Cover(A) (C)
27Postmarks on the Rhodesia 1913-1925 'Admiral' Issue(A) (B)
28Northern Rhodesia in 'Admiral' times(A) (C)
29Colours and Printings of the Rhodesia Bi-coloured Admirals(A) (C)
30The Postal History of the Paris Missionary Society in Barotseland 1884-1924(A) (C)
32McNeil’s Giraffe: The African Sketches of a Scottish Postmaster(C)
33The Rhodesia 1910-1913 Double Head Issue Fiscal Usage(A) (C)
34Postmarks on the 1910-1913 Double Head Issue – Paradise Revisited(A) (C)
35The postal history of the American Board of Commissioners in Rhodesia 1893-1977(A) (C)