Clark’s Curios

Clark’s Curios

Victoria Falls


P M Clark and Clark’s Curious

Clark’s Curios was established by Percy Missen Clark in 1903.

The original site, known as ‘The Huts’ was located opposite the railway station, which in those early days of town planning was the centre of the small community. The mud hut doubled as his photography studio and booking office.

Around 1904, Clark soon developed a portfolio of photographs of the Falls, entitled ‘Souvenir of the Victoria Falls’, of which there were several variations produced over the years.

His son, Victor Clark, took over the photography business and continued producing the album in later years. The business was later known as Clark’s Curio Store.

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Other Publishers


  • Journal of the Rhodesian Study Circle No.236
  • Guide to the Victoria Falls (Fifth Edition 1925) – Percy M. Clark
  • Autobiography of an Old Drifter (1936) – Percy M. Clark
  • James Gavin