Churches of Christ: Mashoko Mission

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Mashoko Mission

The Mashoko Christian Hospital was originally established by the New Zealand Church of Christ Missionaries in the 1930’s.

In 1956, John and Marge Pemberton, along with Dennis and Lucy Pruett, missionaries with the American Christian Churches/Churches of Christ, responded to a personal appeal from the Southern Rhodesian, Prime Minister Garfield Todd. While Dennis concluded medical training as a missionary-physician, John and Marge moved to the south-eastern region of the Southern Rhodesia to begin the Mashoko mission, the first of many mission works, eventually organizing it as the Southern Rhodesia Churches of Christ Mission.

In 1957, the Foreign Mission Union of the New Churches of Christ transferred responsibility for the Mashoko Mission to the U.S. Christian Churches/Churches of Christ. In 1958, with significant government grants, John and Marge established the Mashoko Christian Hospital, a one-hundred-thirty-bed facility that also included an outpatient clinic and a training school for African medical personnel. In 1959, the white congregation at Bulawayo severed its relationship with the United Christian Missionary Society and aligned itself with the new Mission.

The Southern Rhodesia Churches of Christ Mission grew steadily and by 1960 had incorporated the original Bulawayo mission and had been renamed Central Africa Mission.


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