Church of England: St David’s Mission

Church of England

St David’s Mission

St. David’s Mission, Bonda (also known as “Bonda Mission”), is located in the Eastern Highlands in the remote village of Bonda (Sanyatwe), Manicaland province. Bonda is about 63 km north east of Rusape.

The Anglicans originally opened St. David’s Mission in 1907 as an outstation of St. Augustine’s Mission. It became a separate mission in 1910 under the leadership of Reverend G.E.P Broderick.  As of 1913, the mission consisted of large brick church capable of seating 450, brick dormitory for African girls, and a dispensary.  It offered academic and industrial training to 312 students. Industrial training for boys consisted of tree planting, vegetable gardening, brick making and bricklaying.  Sewing classes for girls were the “feature of the mission work.”

Reverend S.J. Christelow succeeded Broderick as head of mission in 1916.  Other Anglican missionaries at St. David’s Mission, Bonda include Rev. and Mrs. Lawrence (as of 1934) and Rev. and Mrs. Kitchen (as of 1936).   During this period, mail was posted via private bag, Rusape.

Today the mission consists of a primary school and:


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