National War Fund of Southern Rhodesia

National War Fund of Southern Rhodesia


The National War Fund of Southern Rhodesia was established in February, 1940 to control wartime appearls. The fund was chaired by President Sir Evelyn Barring, Chairman Henry T Low, and Treasurer N F Shillington.

The fund established branches in Salisbury, Gwelo, Bulawayo, Umtali, Hartley, Shabani, Fort Victoria and Que Que.




1979 – National Tree Planting Day


1979 – National Tree Planting Day


  • Date of Issue: 21st January, 1979
  • Date Withdrawn:
  • Date Invalidated:
  • Designer: L Curtis
  • Printer: House of Questa
  • Process: Lithographed
  • Paper:
  • Watermark: Cockerels
  • Perf: 13.5
  • Cylinders:
  • Sheet:
  • Booklet: N/A
  • Quantity:

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Postcards: The Company of Mary – Series A – Vicariat Apostolique du Shire

The Company of Mary

Series A – Vicariat Apostolique du Shire

No.sDescriptionEarliest PMK Date
N/AAbri pour les gardiens de jardin
N/AAntilope Egocere
N/AAntilope Inyala
N/AChefs Nyasaland
N/ADanse Anguni
N/AFacade de l'Eglise du Nzama
N/AFaune du pays
N/AGentleman de la brousse
N/AGroupe de Chretiens de la Mission du Nzama
N/ALion a la porte de son piege
N/AMgr L. Auneau - Vicariat du Shiré
N/AMission d'Utale - Mainson des Peres
N/APigeonnier Africain
N/APorteuses de bois
N/AType Angourou
N/AType Yao
N/ATypes du pays
N/AVieillards Indigenes
N/AVieillards, Chefs Angonis


1900: Notice No.4 of 1900

Departments of Posts and Telegraphs

Notice No.4 of 1900

9th April, 1900


Reduction of Postage Rates to and from North-Eastern Rhodesia.

It is hereby notified for public information that on and after May 1, 1900, the Letter rate of postage between Southern Rhodesia and North-Eastern Rhodesia and vice versa will be reduced to Twopence per half ounce or fraction thereof. From the same date the rate of Letter postage from North-Eastern Rhodesia to the United Kingdom and places overseas will be reduced to Fourpence per half ounce or fraction thereof.


G. H. Eyre, Postmaster-General

General Post Office, Salisbury

Revenue: Native Commissioner’s Office

Native Commissioner’s Office


Native Commissioner’s Officer – Charter District, Mashonaland
IssueValueEarliest UseLatest Use
Double Heads6d05.12.1914
Double Heads1/-14.03.1913
Double Heads2/-00.11.1913
Double Heads2/6d24.04.1913

Postcards: Tucks – 1924 Empire Exhibition – Series 2

Tucks Postcards

1924 Empire Exhibition – Series 2

No.sDescriptionEarliest Postmark Date
1Southern Rhodesia. Small-Workers Mine Plant
2Southern Rhodesia. Grave of Mr. Cecil John Rhodes. Matopo Hills.
3Southern Rhodesia. Dipping Cattle.
4Southern Rhodesia. Native Labourers Bagging Maize.
5Southern Rhodesia. Aerial photograph of Victoria Falls.
6Southern Rhodesia. View of Victoria Falls from railway bridge over Gorge.
1 2