Rhodesian Study Circle Annual Conference 2022

Conference 2022

Friday, 29 April, to Sunday, 1 May.

The Strawberry Bank
Main Road, Meriden, Coventry, West Midlands, CV7 7NF, UK

(It is located around 4 to 5 miles from the Birmingham Airport and the Birmingham International Railway Station.) 


(Single) Dinner Bed & Breakfast: £101.00 per night

(Double) Dinner Bed & Breakfast: £137.00 per night

Conference Organiser: Brian Trotter

The Programme (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) will be released once it is finalised. (The Programme is being planned by the RSC Council Executive.)

To assist with planning, we are asking for expressions of interest as to attendance. Please direct them to Brian Trotter at bjayt43@yahoo.com

All are most welcome.

The RSC is also going to organise a Virtual Conference for 2022 as we did in 2021. 

The 1d Double Head: Plating and Positioning

The plating and positioning of the 1d Double Head is a task that has preoccupied a number of enthusiasts for many a year. In a 2003 presentation, Keith Watkins quoted from The Philatelic Magazine of 1 November, 1917:

(Writing about the 1d Double Head) .. we can vouch for the existence of the above 23 varieties .. there remain 77 more to complete the plate. Any reader finding the full number will be awarded a first class ticket to the nearest Lunatic Asylum.

Stephen Reah-Johnson once reflected that the Penny Double Head is like a desert into which great philatelists wander and are then never heard from again.

So, in order to assist those brave who wish to venture into this abyss, we offer some support.

Firstly, two diagrams from Ian Hamilton which offer one an initial guide as to positioning:


What follows is a detailed analysis obtained through the work of Keith Watkins and Charles Temple and others:

To follow this analysis one must use the Thirkell Co-ordinates

In addition, here are some Positioning Diagrams 1-100 ex Bill O’Connell which are another useful resource in this study.

And something very exciting. Bob Gibbs has begun detailed work on writing up each individual position on Plate A and Plate B. This is a work-in-progress and will be added to over time.

Plate A

Plate B



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  • Some unusual Postage Dues from
    Northern Rhodesia – Keith Harrop
  • Stanley Gibbons BSAC Admiral Catalogue Listing
    2022 Update – David Spivack
  • “Airmail Second Class /PRINTED /MATTER”
    marking on letter mailed from Lusaka, Zambia to
    Aachen, West Germany – David Frye
  • 1900 Government Notice re censorship of mail 
    Zimbabwe/Rhodesia: the country that never was
    – Jack Joyce
  • Nyasaland: the 1934-1935 Definitive Issue –
    Colin Fraser
  • Cape Overprints of 1896, the 1/- revenue usage –
    Mike Barter
  • Rhodesia Pre-Paid Bank Cards – Andrew Wilkie 
    The U.P.U. Specimen Surplus Archives – Peter Thy
  • Caveat Emptor – Adrian de Bourbon
  • Patience is a virtue – Sean Burke
  • Southern Rhodesia T.P.O. – Paolo Guglielminetti
  • There are no stamp dealers in Northern Rhodesia –
    Adam Goulding
  • Collectors should be bound by no rules –
    Rand Daily Mail 15 July, 1935
  • Parcel Labels – Patrick Flanagan
  • Some Rhodesia & Nyasaland Postage Due Covers
    Examined – Walter Herdzik
  • Some examples of Rhodesia Admirals postal
    history – David Spivack and Sean Burke
  • A 1859 cover from Mary Livingstone at Kuruman –
    Patrick Flanagan
  • Northern Rhodesia Revenues – Jamie Smith
  • Comb Perforating and perforation varieties –
    Colin Hoffman Feira – Adam Goulding 
    The King’s Shilling – Sean Burke
  • From Plumtree to Matopos, and places in between –
    Rob Burrett
  • Certificates of Registration of the British South
    Africa Company – Christopher Cooksey
  • A Small Treasure with Royal Connections:
    Lady Maud Bowes-Lyon – Peter Hankins
  • Review of Memoir 30 – Adam Goulding
  • Kenneth Kaunda – a potted philatelic history –
    Allan Rendle and Adam Goulding 



Following the completion of the Rhodesia and Zimbabwe Encyclopaedia, I was “persuaded”
to go further back and look at the issues during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. My collection is almost entirely centred around the territory of Southern Rhodesia, and not to any great extent the other two territories. It was therefore logical that the issues of the Federation should be handled together collectively.

For many of the RSC members who were brought up in any of the three territories the first
stamps they would have seen on a regular basis would be those issued during the Federal
period. I can well recall the excitement that was generated when a new issue about to be
released. On one issue, in particular, was released on my tenth birthday!

There were only eleven issues of stamps (including two postage dues) during this period, with a further one planned but never issued. Researching the issues during this period has been a challenge. Whilst there is a fair amount of published material for the 1954 definitive, this is not the case for the 1959 definitive. The Mashonaland Guide has been a useful source of material but here are gaps that have been identified.

Whilst I, personally, have a fairly extensive collection of the varieties found in all the issues, I had not built up a collection of imprints, cylinder blocks and other important information. I am therefore very reliant of being able to study material held in members collections. I know that the material as it is being released will have gaps and I would therefore be very grateful if members can provide additional this material.
I have had a significant amount of material provided already and am most grateful to the following members that have assisted:

Pat Flanagan, Keith Harrop, Adrian de Bourbon,Jamie Smith, Christopher Cooksey, Phil Clarke, Dave Trathen, Dave Cooper.I will in advance also like to thank Sean Burke who will be downloading this material on to the RSC website.

Please peruse the files and feedback comments, criticisms and, more specifically, more
information and additional material. This has been a big project but one that goes to the heart of the Study Circle’s aims and objectives. Please contact me by email at

Many thanks
Geoff Brakspear
August 2021



The Rhodesian Study Circle (RSC), following the successful similar venture undertaken to update the listing of all Rhodesia and Zimbabwe stamps since 1964, is now compiling a full list of the stamps issued in Malawi since 1964.

I am attempting to gather and present as much information as possible. Any and all contributions are welcome and the entries will be updated and amended as appropriate. Information can come from whatever source -magazines, journals, auction catalogues and, of course, actual studies already undertaken or in progress.

Please peruse the files and feedback comments, criticisms and, more specifically, more information and additional material. This is a big project but one that goes to the heart of the Rhodesian Study Circle in an area that has only had scattered attention.

If you would like to contribute any information, please Contact Us.

Stuart Ross
Stuart Ross
Colin Gardener
Tony Banks
Tony Hawken






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  •  Reflections on the Conference 200
  • Bulawayo Post Offices – Rob Burrett & Andrew Wilkie
  • The stolen stamps of 1895: questions remain – Rob Burrett & Anita McCullough
  • Rhodesia 1978: the Mozambique Stamp – Richard Berry and Trooper ‘V’
  • The ‘Blanic’ Collection of Nyasaland and Rhodesia: Auction Report – Ian Cubbin & Tony Plumbe
  • Auction Report: Important Stamps and Covers ofthe World featuring Rhodesia & Nyasaland and Southern Rhodesia – Patrick Flanagan The Waterlow Archives – eyes wide open!
  • Colin Hoffman, John and Mark Taylor
  • Dinner with the ‘King of America’; one of the many tales that emerge from Memoir 30 on the postal history of the Paris Missionary Society – Sean Burke
  • Rhodes’ Valhalla: from Great Zimbabwe to Malindidzimu – Narendhra Morar 


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