The 1924 Double Head “Remainders” (CTO’s)

British South Africa Company

1910 – Double Heads – the CTO’s

In RSCJ 279, there was an article by Robert Gallimore adding to the list of known CTO’s on Double Heads. This adds to the work already done in this area. In June 1987, Robert M. Gibbs and Stephen Reichek published a list of the Double Head “remainders”; stamps left in the London Offices of the B.S.A.C. at the conclusion of their operations in Rhodesia [see RSCJ 138 (June 1987)]. The devices produced for this operation were 1) double circle with arcs joined (DCAJ) for Bulawayo with six different dates; 2) double circle (DC) for Gwelo with six different dates and 3) double circle with arcs joined (DCAJ) for Salisbury with six different dates – the sixth date was only added in 2010, after it appeared in the appendices to Rhodesia – The Bi-Coloured Doubleheads 1910-1914, Edition XI by Stephen Reah-Johnson and Alan J. Hanks . The quantity of duties available varied from a low of 174 of the 2d duty to a high of 16,757 for the 1d duty. These “cancelled to order” Double Heads were regarded as being not worthy of consideration by many collectors when they appeared on the market. Since that time, numerous other discoveries have added to the list. In RSCJ 246/55, Alan J. Hanks and Peter Merrick, came together and published yet another comprehensive list. Since that date, a few new discoveries have been added, mostly noted in this Journal.

We now again publish an updated comprehensive list including all the new discoveries.  This list will be updated on a regular basis.  This will also act as a useful tool for the continuing and new collectors in this area.

Table of CTO’s

B1  12 Feb.  11  7:30 p.m. G1  22 Feb. 12 S1  22 May. 11  6:30 p.m.
B2  16 Apr.  11 9:25 a.m. G2  23 Mar. 12 S2  17 Jul.   11  8:00 p.m.
B3  12 May. 11 9:10 a.m. G3  25 Jul.   12 S2a 17 Apr. 12  5:00 p.m.
B4  22 Aug.  11 11:20 a.m. G4  24 Dec. 12 S3  17 Apr.  13  5:00 p.m.
B5  3  Dec.   12  4:30 p.m. G5  6 May.   13 S4  27 May.  13  7:00 p.m.
B6  22 Oct.  13  11.20 a.m. G6  13 Sep.  13 S5  27 Nov. 13  10:50 a.m.

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Malawi Red Cross Society

Malawi Red Cross Society


In 1966, the Malawi government passed Act 51 of Parliament establishing the Malawi Red Cross Society (MRCS) as a voluntary society, allowing it the right to use the protected Red Cross and Red Crescent emblems in conformity with Geneva Conventions. It became a member of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in 1971.

MRCS has 141 staff members and a total of  30,000 volunteers with 33 Divisions in all the 3 regions of Malawi. Its Headquarters is in Area 14, in Lilongwe.


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Spink: “Dubois” British Commonwealth Collection of Stamps and Covers – March, 2020


“Dubois” British Commonwealth Collection of Stamps and Covers


Southern Rhodesia: Department of Printing & Stationery

Southern Rhodesia

Department of Printing & Stationery

Department Codes

  • C.E. – Customs & Excise
  • D. – Deeds & Patents
  • G.S.O. – Government Stationery Office
  • G.P.O. – General Post Office
  • G.P.O. – Government Printing Office
  • G.P. & S. – Government Printing & Stationery
  • H.C. – High Court
  • I.A. – Internal Affairs
  • I.T. – Income Tax
  • L.A. – Legislative Assembly
  • M.O.H. – Master of the High Court
  • P. Post Office
  • P.H. – Public Health
  • P.M.G. – Post Master General
  • S.B. – Savings Bank
  • S.O. – Stationery Office
  • T. – Treasury
  • T. – Telegraph
  • T.M.O. – Telegraph & Money Office
  • Z. – Customs & Excise

Printing Codes

  • B – Booklet
  • E – Envelope
  • F – Form
  • M – 1000 (50M = 50,000)
  • P – Pad
  • S – Stationery

Print Orders

Will Renton

Will Renton


It is unknown who Will Renton actually was as there seems to be no details about a photographic business in this area by the name of Renton. However, there were Renton’s in the area in the first half of the 19th Century. Robert William Renton (1896-1950) worked on the Kraal Mine, Que Que, and Robert William Renton (1863-1934) who worked on the Cactus Mine, Gwelo.




Den of Antiquity

Den of Antiquity



The Den of Antiquity was owned by J R Marshall and was located in Century House, Angwa Street, Salisbury. The business’ appears as early as 1978 but the Certificate of Registration was cancelled 31 January 1984.

They produced a number of commemorative covers similar in style to those produced by The African Fine Art & Books Co.

Commemorative Covers


Photographs: Percy M Clark – Embossed (Copyright)

Percy M Clark

Embossed (Copyright)


Salisbury Polio Clinic

Salisbury Polio Clinic



A poliomyelitis clinic was established and operated by the Southern Rhodesian Branch of the British Red Cross. It was based in Salisbury on the grounds of the Infectious Diseases Hospital.


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