2018 – News & Updates

2018 – News & Updates

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June, 2018


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February, 2018


January, 2018

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Recent Updates

In December, 2015, the Rhodesian Study Circle undertook the task to re-invent itself for the 21st Century collector through various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and a modernised website.

With thousands of images and over 2,600 pages of philatelic items, we are combining philately with the colourful history of Central Africa to help support you in building your collections.

If you have any questions, comments, feedback or information, leave a comment below or Contact Us.

September, 2018


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Prior Years

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2017 – News & Updates

2017 – News & Updates

December, 2017

The search function on our website has been updated by the developer. You can now use this to search within the nearly 600 tables of information on our website.

This will be of use to postcard collectors as they can now search for the title of the postcard. The function is also helpful for searching for proofs and file copies by Order No.


November, 2017

A new section added to ExplorePeople.


October, 2017


September, 2017


August, 2017


July 2017


June 2017

May 2017

April 2017

  • Explore > Advertising Covers
  • Explore > Airmails
  • Explore > Cinderellas
  • Explore > Events
  • Explore > Mines
  • Explore > Postcards
    • Added Rhodesia Railways:
      • 1936 Empire Exhibition
      • Twelve Views of Victoria Falls Series I & II
    • A Harrison businesses have all been updated:
      • A Harrison
      • Bulawayo News Agency
      • Crumplin & Harrison
      • Harrison’s Stationery Stores
      • Preece & Harrison
      • Crumplin & Harrison Ltd
    • Added Gwelo Stationery Stores.
    • Updated A J Storey:
      • 1920’s series split into three series based on reviewed data
      • New images added to 1908 BCA series.
    • Added new Tokim series:
      • U Series – Umtali
      • E T Brown
      • Greetings and Best Wishes
    • Added new Tucks series:
      • 1925 Empire Exhibition
      • Glazed Photo Series B
      • Mandala P.C. – Victoria Falls
      • Mandala P.C.3 – Victoria Falls
      • Nyasaland Pavillion East African Court (Empire Exhibition)
      • Photochrome Series A
      • Real P.C. Series
      • Real Photograph Series
      • Rhodesia Railways Ltd Series of Picture Postcards
      • Sepia Postcard Series B
      • Southern Rhodesia Publicity Bureau (Unnumbered)
    • Added Kimble Productions
    • Added Philpott & Collins:
      • 1902 Local View Series
      • 1904/5 Pictorial Views added.
    • Percy M Clark Red Series now broken into three distinct series.
  • Explore > Post Offices & Postmarks
    • Added Postal Notices for 1898/1899/1901
    • Added Postal Notices for 1937 & 1938
  • Explore > Printers
    • Order No.s added for:
      • 293574
      • 292315
      • 136433
      • 178309
      • 233228
    • Pre-Production added for:
      • Central African Rhodes Centenary Exhibition (SR)
      • Rhodes Centenary (SR)
    • Dies and Plate details added for SR GVI Definitive Stationery
    • Added Pre-Production for 1924 Admirals (Revenues only).
  • Collect > Publications
    • 1966 CAA Article from Rhodesian Commentary published.
  • Explore > Regions
    • Added 1938 George VI Definitive Stationery
    • Added George VI Air Letters (1944-1953)
  • Explore > Revenue & Fiscals
    • Added Robert Edward Codrington profile.
    • New section added (in-progress)
    • Added Native Affairs Dept.
    • 1890 Mashonaland Mining Regulation No.1 added
    • Department of Native Affairs added
    • Matabeleland Native Labour Bureau added.
    • Native Labour Bureau added.
    • Rhodesian Native Labour Bureau added.
    • Rhodesian Milling & Manufacturing Co.Ltd added.
    • D Knight & Co added.
    • Cairns Ltd added.
    • Mine offices & Mining Commissioners added.
  • Collect > Catalogues
    • New additions and updates to the Encyclopedia of Rhodesian and Zimbabwean Postage Stamps Since 1964

March 2017

  • Explore > Postcards
    • Added biography on J E Hughes
    • Added more photos to Smart & Copley Solo Series.
    • Three new series added to Clark’s Curio for Percy M Clark:
      • Black Series
      • Bromide Series
      • Number Only Series
      • No. Series
      • Red Series
      • Script Series (several variations).
    • New Lennon’s Series A postcard series added.
    • Added British Petroleum (BP)
    • Tokim:
      • New images & Back Type added to Clark’s Curio Store.
      • New ‘G Series’ added.
      • New ‘SR Series’ added.
      • New ‘S Series B&W’ added.
      • New ‘S Series Colour’ added.

February 2017

  • Explore > Advertising covers
    • M Basch & Co added
    • Selborne Hotel added
    • Umtali and District Publicity Association added.
    • The Union Agencies added.
    • New cover added to South African Canvas Co. Ltd
    • Royal Hotel Umtali added.
    • Spencer’s Airways and Garage.
    • Johnson & Fletcher added.
    • New cover added to Puzey & Payne Ltd.
    • McCullagh & Bothwell added.
  • Explore > Events
    • 1936 Empire Exhibition added.
    • 1924 Empire Exhibition added.
  • Explore > Postcards
    • All images for Payne’s Studios/Camera House added
    • Work begun on Tokim postcards – images added for a number of series.
    • All images for Silver’s Studio’s now added.
    • 1936 Empire Exhibition (Umtali and District Publicity Association) added.
    • 1936 Empire Exhibition (Department of Publicity, Southern Rhodesia)
    • Pictorial Publications Syndicate added.
    • Two new Tokim series added:
      • K Series – Kitwe
      • Clark’s Curio Store
    • Smart & Copley – we are about 90% completed on this work.
    • Raphael Tucks & Sons Ltd started (in-progress).
    • Tucks 1924 Empire Exhibition Series 1 & 2 added.
  • Explore > Printers
    • Order No.336125 added (Waterlow & Sons)
  • Explore > Revenue Documents
    • New section!
    • Hepsworths Ltd added.
    • Bulawayo School of Shorthand & Typing added.
  • Collect > Dealers
    • Bidstart removed (Bidstart is now Hipstamp/Hippostcard)
    • HipPostcard added.
    • Rhodesian Study Circle Marketplace added.(Facebook buy/sell/swap)
  • Collect > Publications > Memoirs
    • Upcoming Memoir 22 added
    • Machine Cancellations of Rhodesia added
  • Collect > Publications > Gibbons Stamp Monthly
    • Cover of 1963 issue added for World Tobacco Congress series.

January 2017

  • Added Encyclopedia of Rhodesian & Zimbabwean stamps since 1964.
  • Collect > Publications:
    • Journal of the Rhodesian Study Circle, March 2017
  • Explore > Advertising covers:
    • Update to Lennon Ltd.
    • New page for Harry S Hopkins & Co., Ltd
    • New page for Norwich UnionLife Insurance Company (Added)
    • New page for Armasi Vithaldas (Added)
    • G North & Sons (new cover added)
    • Kingstons Ltd added
  • Explore > Cinderellas:
    • Cover added for 1958 RAPT series
    • Cover added for 1968 RAPT series
    • Page added for 1960 RAPT series
    • Page added for 1961 RAPT series
    • Page added for 1962 RAPT series
    • Page added for 1963 RAPT series
    • Page added for 1964 RAPT series
    • Cover added for 1968 RAPT series
    • Cover added for 1978 RAPT series
  • Explore > Events:
  • Explore > Postcards:
    • Lennon Ltd Bulawayo – Postcards images added for series 1, 2 & 3
    • Lennon Ltd Bulawayo – Addition bio info added for Edwin Yerbury (photographer)
    • A J Storey – New Postcards added
    • A J Storey – Discovery of new series. 1908 is now broken into B.C.A/Nyasaland.
    • Payne’s Studios – Camera House series updated. Still a work in progress uploading photos.
    • Kingstons Ltd – Tour Rhodesia & Nyasaland
  • Explore > Printers:
    • More Edward VIII essays added
    • Northern Rhodesia Central African Exhibition added.
    • Northern Rhodesia 1929 Postage Dues added
    • Northern Rhodesia 1963 Lusaka Trial added.
    • Northern Rhodesia 1953 Definitive Series added.
    • Southern Rhodesia 1937 George VI Definitive – Proof 7121 added.
    • British Central Africa 1903 Edward VII Definitive
  • Explore > Regions:
    • All Northern Rhodesia stamps issues (1925 – 1952) including Presentation/Productions/Pre-Production material has been added.
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Postcards: The Company of Mary – Series A – Vicariat Apostolique du Shire

The Company of Mary

Series A – Vicariat Apostolique du Shire

No.sDescriptionEarliest PMK Date
N/AAntilope Inyala
N/AChefs Nyasaland
N/ADanse Anguni
N/AFacade de l'Eglise du Nzama
N/AFaune du pays
N/AGentleman de la brousse
N/AGroupe de Chretiens de la Mission du Nzama
N/ALion a la porte de son piege
N/AMgr L. Auneau - Vicariat du Shiré
N/AMission d'Utale - Mainson des Peres
N/APigeonnier Africain
N/APorteuses de bois
N/AType Angourou
N/AType Yao
N/ATypes du pays
N/AVieillards Indigenes
N/AVieillards, Chefs Angonis
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1900: Notice No.4 of 1900

Departments of Posts and Telegraphs

Notice No.4 of 1900

9th April, 1900


Reduction of Postage Rates to and from North-Eastern Rhodesia.

It is hereby notified for public information that on and after May 1, 1900, the Letter rate of postage between Southern Rhodesia and North-Eastern Rhodesia and vice versa will be reduced to Twopence per half ounce or fraction thereof. From the same date the rate of Letter postage from North-Eastern Rhodesia to the United Kingdom and places overseas will be reduced to Fourpence per half ounce or fraction thereof.


G. H. Eyre, Postmaster-General

General Post Office, Salisbury

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Revenue: Native Commissioner’s Office

Native Commissioner’s Office


Native Commissioner’s Officer – Charter District, Mashonaland
IssueValueEarliest UseLatest Use
Double Heads6d05.12.1914
Double Heads1/-14.03.1913
Double Heads2/-00.11.1913
Double Heads2/6d24.04.1913
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Postcards: Tucks – 1924 Empire Exhibition – Series 2

Tucks Postcards

1924 Empire Exhibition – Series 2

No.sDescriptionEarliest Postmark Date
1Southern Rhodesia. Small-Workers Mine Plant
2Southern Rhodesia. Grave of Mr. Cecil John Rhodes. Matopo Hills.
3Southern Rhodesia. Dipping Cattle.
4Southern Rhodesia. Native Labourers Bagging Maize.
5Southern Rhodesia. Aerial photograph of Victoria Falls.
6Southern Rhodesia. View of Victoria Falls from railway bridge over Gorge.
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2016 – News & Updates

2016 – News & Updates

December 2016

  • New Events added for:
    • Lions International
    • Scouts
    • Craven Week
    • Golden Jubilee of Parliament
  • New proof added to GVI Definitives (SR) – 1/6d 31522/23
  • Southern Rhodesia George VI Presentation pieces added.
  • Rhodesia Pre-Production & Presentation pieces added to Mardon Printers
  • Air Rhodesia & First Boeing flights added
  • All issues for Rhodesia from 1970-1978 added.
  • Edward VIII Southern Rhodesia Definitives added (Unproduced)
  • 10th Anniversary of Federation added (Unproduced)
  • Last day of Gwaai PO added.
  • Page for GSM for BSAC 1909 overprint article.
  • EBS Mercer added to Postcard (more images to come)
  • Work has begun on cleaning up the Printers section:
    • Double Heads
    • George VI Definitive (SR)
  • Images added for S C Turner postcards (Series 1 & 2)
  • 1947 & 1953 Royal Visit added (more to come).
  • Added S C Turner postcards (contribution by Andrew Wilkie).
  • Added new printer samples for Order 20268 & 141704
  • Added Nyasaland 1d 1947 Leopard issue including new material from Spinks.
  • Added Victoria Falls Display by Otto Peetoom.
  • Updated Southern Rhodesia 1940 Jubilee issue, including new plate proof.
  • New postcard added to Preece & MaCKenzie
  • Added various Rhodesian study groups.
  • Added Livingstone Tourist Centre cinderella.

November 2016

  • Membership forms have been simplified.
  • Record winning sales for Oct Spink Philatelic Collectors Series Sales added.
  • Argus Printing and Publishing Co Ltd postcards added – contribution by Andrew Wilkie.
  • Preece & MacKenzie/Preece and Harrison postcards added – contribution by Andrew Wilkie.
  • Rusitu Mission Station added (contribution by Mark Loomis).

October 2016

  • FDC series added to London Assurance.
  • Waterlow & Sons Ltd printing order 82815 added. New material added to 132660
  • T M Miller/Miller Maskew added – contribution by Andrew Wilkie. More photos to come.
  • STAMPEX Spring 2017 added
  • 2017 Single Sheet, Post Card and Livermore competitions added.
  • Free Methodist Church – Lundi and Central Africa Mission – Hippo Valley added with contributions by Mark Loomis.
  • Corrections to Clark’s Curios data by Andrew Wilkie.

September 2016

  • Most stamp issues of Malawi and Zambia until 1975 have now been loaded onto the website. Rhodesia is next.
  • Rhodesian Philatelist and Southern Africa Philately issues added.
  • Orange Free State Study Circle added.
  • RSC 2017 Annual Conference page added.

August 2016

  • SAPDAPEX 2016 information added.
  • Malawi stamp issues from 1964-1969 added.
  • Nyasaland stamp issues from 1960-1969 added.
  • Beginning work on issues from 1971 onwards.

June 2016

  • Added quite a few airmails and galleries of covers for 1931 Xmas mail, 1932 London – Cape Town flights, First flights to Singapore, Calcutta, Hong Kong, Australia & NZ.
  • More printing orders added for Waterlow and Sons.
  • Began loading up listings of the back issues for the RSC Journal. 1948-1956 completed. 1960-1962 completed.
  • International Exhibitions and RSC award winners have been added for 1948-1962 (more to come).
  • Hobart Stamp Exhibition added.
  • Corbitts Stamp Auction added.
  • Spinks Philatelic Collector Series added.
  • Back issues can now be ordered online.
  • Added advertising pages for H H Henwood & Co, Lusaka and District Publicity Association, A J Storey and Osman Adam.
  • Add A J Storey postcards, Turk Mine, Lonely Mine, Zambesi Mission and a couple of mission ‘people’, some events and more advertising covers!
  • Added postmarks & post offices beginning with mines.

May 2016

  • Proof material added for:
    • Southern Rhodesia George VI Definitives.
    • BSAC Arms
    • BSAC Double Heads
    • Rhodesia & Nyasaland QEII series.
  • Rhodesia & Nyasaland 1960’s issues uploaded.
  • Annual Conference moved to Previous Conferences. Added Annual Conference 2017
  • Melbourne Exhibition 2017 added.
  • STAMPEX Autumn 2016 added.
  • Updated Southern Rhodesia BSAC issue with new printer’s samples and errors.
  • Adding Events through history.
  • Added old Auctions for Robson Lowe and Sothebys.
  • Added Out of Print Publications.

April 2016

An update to the Template used by the website has limited the original design. Currently working on restoring full design including Header.

    • The Graham M Cooper Collection of George VI Issues added.
    • June issue of Rhodesian Study Circle journal posted.
    • Moved Royal Tours into Events to reduce size of the main menu.
    • Added BSAC and BCA pages.
    • 1897 Arms Issues and 1905 Victoria Falls added.
    • 1946 Victory issues added.
    • Updated details for 2016 Annual Conference
  • HOME:
    • Advertisers widget added: SPINK and John & Mark Taylor added.

March 2016

    • Work on WWII Victory Issues begun.
    • Famous Rhodesians Issue 1 – 9 completed..
    • Photos added to Member’s Section.
    • Updates to Member Meetings for April – June 2016.
    • Added EVENTS to Explore categories.
    • 1980 Independence Election added (Zimbabwe)
    • Independence issues for Zambia, Malawi and Rhodesia added.
    • Printers added – Waterlow & Sons Ltd. Containing proofs, dies, etc.
    • BSAC Golden Jubilee added.
    • 1935 Silver Jubilee – Southern Rhodesia.
    • Adding some posts on Telecommunications issues for Zambia, Southern Rhodesia & Rhodesia including UPU, ITU, Post and Telecoms.
    • March RSC Journal added.
    • Top Links added to Home to allow easy access to important topics.
    • Globe and Phoenix, Penhalonga, Mufulira and Roan Antelope Copper mines added.
    • Jumbo Mine added.
    • Updated Members main page to include pics from social gatherings across the world.
    • Started the first ‘catalogue’ listings for Zambia, Rhodesia & Nyasaland, Southern and Northern Rhodesia, and Rhodesia.

February 2016

  • We have begun migrating content from our old forum into the website. Please expect some ad-hoc information being added.
    • Allenwest, Ambassador Hotel, William Bain & Co, South African Tourist Corporation, Kodak, Matabeleland Farmers Co Op, Caltex, London Assurance and South African Canvas Co. added.
    • A F Philips & Co added.
    • Work has begun on Clark’s Curios/P M Percy and Victor Percy.
    • Payne’s Studios Ltd added to Postcards
    • Lennon Limited, Smart & Copley, Ellis Allen Ltd and Silver Studio’s added under Postcards/Advertising.
    • Postmark section added.
    • Post Offices section added.

January 2016

    • Single sheet competition closed for 23.01.2016
    • Online subscriptions and online payments now accepted. Order and pay in only two steps with PAYPAL!
    • Work has begun on new areas of collecting including: Advertising Covers, Airmails, Missions, Royal Tours.
    • Work completed on RANA first flight covers between Salisbury>Umtali>Blantyre>Beira.
    • Worked completed on Imperial Airways Ltd with 1932 Cape Town to London flights added.
    • British United Airways added.
    • BSAC Display taken offline as author is updating content.
    • Dealers listing added.
    • RSC Journals 2011-2010 have been uploaded. 2010 is the last year to be updated.
    • Memoir pages added and updated.
    • Other Publications pricing has been updated.
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Feeder Service to Madagascar 1934 – Broken Hill to Madagascar

Feeder Service to Madagascar 1934

Imperial Airways Ltd/les Services Aeriens de Madagascar

Broken Hill to Tananarive

Broken Hill to Tete

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