Scout Stamps Collectors Club: Commemorative Covers – Zimbabwe

Scout Stamps Collectors Club

Commemorative Covers – Zimbabwe


1980 – 1st Commissioner’s Conference in Zimbabwe

1984 – First Plenipotentiary Conference of PAPU

1984 – First Plenipotentiary Conference of PAPU

30 April – 11 May 1984

In 1984, Zimbabwe hosted the First Plenipotentiary Conference of the Pan-African Postal Union (PAPU) in Harare.

The objectives of the Union are:

1.  To maintain and extend co-operation among Member-States for the improvement and rational use of postal services;

2. To harmonize tariff structure among Member-States with the view of establishing tariffs compatible with good services and a sound financial management of postal services.

3. To promote the establishment of multi-national regional and sub-regional postal training institutes in Africa, in co-cooperation with international and African Regional and sub-regional organizations with legitimate interest in postal services in Africa.

4. To harmonize, as far as possible the position of the Member –States during international meetings in the field of postal services and in particular at UPU meetings.

5. To publish information and research material on postal services for the benefit of Member–States of the Union and to encourage the exchange of information and staff between the administrations of Member-States.

6. To act as a servicing institution for its Member-States for integrated postal development providing them with the necessary technical support.

The purpose of the conference are:

1. The plenipotentiary Conference hereinafter referred to, as “the Conference” shall be the supreme organ of the Union. It shall assume the prime functions with a view to achieving the objectives of the Union.

2. It shall consist of Ministers responsible for postal Services of Member-States.

3. The Conference shall convene in an ordinary session every four years.

4. At the request of one or more Member-States, the Administrative Council or the General Secretariat and subject to the agreement of two-thirds of the Member-States, the Conference shall convene in an extraordinary session.

5. African Liberation Movement recognized by the OAU shall, at their request, be admitted as observers to the sessions of the Conference.

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1988 – International Labour Organisation – Seventh Annual Regional Conference

ILO – Seventh Annual Regional Conference

29 November – 7 December 1988

The International Labour Organisation’s Seventh Annual Regional Conference was held in Harare in 1988.

One of the key recommendations was a report on the rural employment promotion. The resolution, later adopted, was aimed at both developed and under-developed nations. It distinguished between issues on which national action was advisable by member countries themselves and areas of work which the Office should give attention through research, advisory services and technical co-operation.

This conference was the last for several years as the conference was then restructured and reorganised before the Eight Regional Conference.

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Bulawayo Public Library

Bulawayo Public Library


The Bulawayo Public Library was founded 1896 when the European settlers established public libraries to cater for their information, recreational, educational and cultural needs. A twelve man library Committee was chosen to run the facility and their major role was to fundraise for the library.

A foundation stone of the 8th Avenue /Fort Street site was laid on the 5th of November 1897 by Lord Milner during his visit for the opening of the Railway. In 1902 the library also house The Rhodesia Museum.

Since its establishment the library has remained popular to many readers in the city of Bulawayo and the whole of the Southern Region. The services that this library provides are largely as a result of enthusiasm and energy given over many years by the committees,librarians as well as staff members. The institution is registered in terms of the welfare Organizations Act (Chapter 93).



Postcards: Meikle’s Hotel – Type III

Meikle’s Hotel

Type III


Postcards: Jafta Cards – Type I

Jafta Cards

Type I

No.sDescriptionEarliest PMK Date
A23Zimbabwean Portraits.


Postcards: Igogo-Karibu Ranch – Type I

Igogo-Karibu Ranch

Type I

No.sDescriptionEarliest PMK Date
N/AIgogo-Karibu Ranch11/11/1990


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