Postcards: G. B. & Co. – Type IVA – No.s 300-309 PR (Coloured) – Greetings

G. Budricks & Co

No.s 300-309 PI – Type IVA (Coloured) – Greetings

No.sDescriptionEarliest PMK Date
300 PR
301 PR
302 PR
303 PRChasm from the Eastern Side. Victoria Falls.
304 PR
305 PR
306 PR
307 PR
308 PR
309 PR
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Stewarts and Lloyds of South Africa Limited

Stewarts and Lloyds of South Africa Limited


In 1898, British Company Lloyds and Lloyds decided to open two branches in South Africa. At the same time, British company A & J Stewart and Menzies was being represented in South Africa by Brown & McKenzie.

By 1903, seeing the need to consolidate their South African interests, the two companies amalgamated to form Stewarts & Lloyds ( South Africa) Limited and expand their branch network to include Bloemfontein, Durban, Port Elizabeth, East London and Johannesburg. By 1927, Stewart & Lloyds became a South African Company.

During the war years the company made shells at the Vereeniging works to support the war effort with many woman employed to fill the gaps left by men answering the call for military service.

In the 1980’s Dorbyl acquires the Stewarts & Lloyds group of companies some of which are sold off and the rest placed under the Dorbyl light and general banner. Stewarts & Lloyds trading remains a separate company in the Dorbyl stable. By the 1990’s, Robor Industrial Holdings (RIH), a Barloworld company enters into a joint venture with Dorbyl to run Stewarts & Lloyds Trading. Shortly thereafter RIH takes 100% control and renames the company Robor Stewarts & Lloyds.

In 2001, Barloworld state their intention to sell Robor Stewarts & Lloyds. Stockwell, a company of 15 years standing purchases Bloemfontein, Kimberley, Witbank, Rustenburg, Wadeville and Vereeniging branches to add to their current 10 nationwide branches. The Stewarts & Lloyds name is also purchased.

The company continues to trade today.


  • James Gavin
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Postcards: SAPSCO – N100 Series


N100 Series

No.sDescriptionEarliest PMK Date
N128His First Sweetheart27/11/1911
N185Lion Hunting - Central Africa26/06/1911
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Postcards: G. B. & Co. – Panorama (Coloured)

G. Budricks & Co

Panorama (Coloured)

No.sDescriptionEarliest PMK Date
1004Bridge Over Zambesi River Below Falls
1010Facing the Gorge - Victoria Falls.
UnknownVictoria Falls - Devils Cataract
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Postcards: T D Ravenscroft – Camera Series IB (Coloured)

T D Ravenscroft

Camera Series IB (Coloured)

No.DescriptionEarliest Postmark Date
0625Grave of the Late Hon.. Cecil J. Rhodes, Matopos, Rhodesia
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Postcards: T D Ravenscroft – Camera Series IA (Coloured)

T D Ravenscroft

Camera Series IA (Coloured)

Unlike Camera Series I (Coloured), this one does not include Photo by T.D. Ravenscroft, Rondebosch. Camera Series IB (Coloured) is numbered.

No.DescriptionEarliest Postmark Date
N/AGrave of the Late Hon.. Cecil J. Rhodes, Matopos, Rhodesia05/12/1906
N/ARoad Leading to World's View. Matopos, Rhodesia.
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Postcards: Sallo Epstein & Co. – No.s 1270-1279

Sallo Epstein & Co.

No.s 1270-1279

No.sDescriptionEarliest PMK Date
1270Waggon Hill
1271Helpmakaar Hill, Bulwhana
1272Gun Hill and Lombard's Kop
1273An African Monarch
1274Vaal River Bridge Vereeniging
1275Jess's Garden, Karry Tree and Coffin Stone, Pretoria
1277Waterfall Stirkfontein, Transvaal
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Postcards: Sallo Epstein & Co. – No.s 1860-1869

Sallo Epstein & Co.

No.s 1860-1869

No.sDescriptionEarliest PMK Date
1860Durban from the Brerea
1862View of Joahnnesburg showing the Exploration Building and the Stock Exchange.
1863Entrance to Durban Harbour.
1865Eureka City - De Kaap Goldfields
1866On the banks of the Zambesi. A Native in his "dug out" canoe.11/09/1907
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Postcards: Braune & Levy – No.s 2540-2549

Braune & Levy

No.s 2540-2549

No.sDescriptionEarliest PMK Date
2542Frere Bridge connecting Orc with Cape Colony
2543Burial Place of the Late Hon. Cecil Rhodes in the Matoppos
2544Scenery in the Matoppos (Rhodesia).
2546Two young Lions captured in Rhodesia.15/07/1908
2547South African Giant Trees: The Eucalyptus
2548South African Ostrich Farm
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Postcards: Sallo Epstein & Co. – No.s 2560-2569

Sallo Epstein & Co.

No.s 2560-2569

No.sDescriptionEarliest PMK Date
2560Victoria Falls.
2562Cullinan Building, Johannseburg
2563Victoria Mansions, Johannesburg
2564Interior, St Mary's Hall, Johannesburg
2567Jess' Cottage, Pretoria
2568I Do Love You
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