Rhodesian And Nyasaland Airways Ltd

Rhodesian And Nyasaland Airways Ltd



Rhodesia and Nyasaland Airways was formed in October, 1933 by the merger of two small privately owned companies & went into voluntary liquidation on 8th July, 1946.

 First Flights


  • James Gavin
  • Peter Gorton


Seventh-Day Adventist Church: Thekerani Mission

Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Thekerani Mission

Thekerani Mission, situated in the most densely populated area of the southernmost part of the country and overlooking the Shire Valley, was opened as a branch of Malamulo Mission in the early days. Large numbers of students and of converts were outstanding features of the work in this area for many years. Thekerani grew to be a big mission station under expatriate leadership. A school, dispensary, and church flourished for many years. They were later taken over by the government.

Thekerani, by 1928, operated about 18 outschools and 3 prayer houses. In 1932 L. A. Vixie, publishing director of the Union, conducted an institute at Thekerani Mission, where thirteen regular canvassers and other workers were in attendance.


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