Postcards: Percy M Clark – General Series I – Type IA B&W

Percy M Clark

General Series I – Type IA B&W

Unlike Type 1, the word ‘Stamp’ is not capitalised. Backings seen in dark brown and reddish brown.

No.sDescriptionEarliest PMK Date
N/ANorth-Eastern Entrance to Temple, Great Zimbabwe.
N/AThe Hotel, Great Zimbabwe.
N/AWestern Temple, Acropolis, Great Zimbabwe
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Postcards: Hood & Co Ltd – Sanbride – J N Selkirk

Hood & Co Ltd

Sanbride – J N Selkirk

No.sDescriptionEarliest PMK Date
N/APalm Grove, Victoria Falls.
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Aristophot Co Ltd

Aristophot Co Ltd



The firm Aristophot Photographische Maschinendruck Anstalt, a producer of machine manufactured photographs) was formed in Leipzig around 1900. After merging with Otto Lienekampf in 1902 they became Aristophot A.G. They evenutally opened a branch at 11 Southampton Row in London, England that published cards under the name Aristophot Co. Ltd.

While Aristophot produced stereo-views, most of their output was in real photo postcards issued in series, especially of actresses, children, and nudes. Many of these photo cards were hand coloured and released under the trade name Lychnogravure. 

They also had an office in New York City and produced a U.S. Series of Eastern view-cards as tinted halftones that were printed in Saxony. They also produced a number of fine continuous toned artist signed cards as Aquarellchroms. All their cards were manufactured in their factory at Taucha, just outside of Leipzig. After they closed in the 1940’s, their remaining stock was distributed by Misch & Company.



  • Andrew Wilkie
  • Malcolm Murphy
  • Richard Barnett
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Postcards: Aristophot Co Ltd – Flag Series

Aristophot Co Ltd

Flag Series

This series was produced as a set of six in 1906.

No.sDescriptionEarliest PMK Date
N/AMain Street, Bulawayo19/11/1911
N/ARhodes' Grave in the Matopos.26/11/1911
N/ARhodes' Statue
N/AThe Shangani Memorial03/03/1907
N/AVictoria Falls.
N/AVictoria Falls. Low Water.12/12/1908
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Government Stationery: British South Africa Company

Government Stationery

British South Africa Company

On Postal Service
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