1898: Postal Notice No.66 – Mail Communication with Northern Zambesi

Departments of Posts and Telegraphs

Postal Notice No.66

8th March, 1898


Mail Communication with Northern Zambesi

It is hereby notified for general information that a monthly mail service by native runners has been established between Bulawayo and Lialui in Barotseland. The mails leave Bulawayo and Lialui on the 1st of each month, and are conveyed by the Gwaai to Wankies, thence along southern bank of the Zambesi to Sekutes, five miles above Victoria Falls, thence along northern bank to Sesheke, thence to Lialui, the journey occupying twenty-five to thirty days. Letters only are conveyed by these posts, and any newspapers, book packets, or parcels intended for the places served by these posts can only be sent forward by wagon as opportunity offers. The rates of postage are the same as other parts of Rhodesia.

G. H. Eyre, Postmaster-General

General Post Office, Salisbury

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