Postmarks: 1951 – Nyasaland Diamond Jubilee Exhibition


1951 – Nyasaland Diamond Jubilee Exhibition

The Nyasaland Postal Department provided facilities at the 1951 Nyasaland Diamond Jubilee Exhibition for sending commemorative covers stamped with Diamond Jubilee stamps.

The covers were stamped with the original ‘Chiromo’ barred-circle obliterator (the first obliterator used in Nyasaland). The mail was then dispatched to the Blantyre Post Office by a messenger dressed in a uniform similar to that worn by the mail-carrier in the early days.

Nodder and Twynam believe that the obliterator was actually an ‘O’ with a nick made to produce the ‘C’.

A special postmark was also used as part of the associated stamp release.

Commemorative Covers


  • The Journal of the Rhodesian Study Circle No.178
  • The Nyasaland Journal Vol.4 No.2 1951

Travelling Post Office: 1924 South Africa Parliamentary Tour

Travelling Post Office

1924 South Africa Parliamentary Tour


A special train was provided to the delegates of the 1924 South Africa Parliamentary Tour to act as their headquarters throughout the tour. The train also had a post office on board for use by the delegates.

Of note, the Australian delegation included the Postmaster-General of Australia.


A special postmark was available for the tour. The postmark was inscribed in both English and Afrikaans and coloured purple/violet.

5th October (Victoria Falls)
6th October (Victoria Falls)
7th October (Victoria Falls)

Travelling Post Office: 1935 Fifth Imperial Press Conference

Travelling Post Office

1935 Fifth Imperial Press Conference


A travelling post office was included on the South African Railways train that took Imperial Press Union delegates on a trip through southern Africa.

The two postmasters were seconded by the Rhodesian Government for the Rhodesian-leg of the journey.


A special postmark was available on the Southern Rhodesia leg of the journey between 14th-17th February (Salisbury). However, postmark dates exist from the 12th to the 20th.

South Africa also had a special postmark, as shown above.



Post Office: 1963 World Tobacco Congress

Post Office

1963 World Tobacco Congress

Between 18th-26th February, 1963, a post office was opened at the University of Rhodesia & Nyasaland. Covers posted at the post office received a special postmark.


A special postmark was utilised during the congresses. These are most commonly seen in black. However, a purple version can be found on covers from the Copperbelt Philatelic Society.


  • Journal of the Rhodesian Study Circle No.48

Postcards: G. B. & Co. – Type IVA – No.s 200-219 PI (Colour)

G. Budricks & Co

No.s 200-219 – Type IVA (Colour)

No.sDescriptionEarliest PMK Date
200 PI
201 PI
202 PI
203 PIChasm from the Eastern Side. Victoria Falls.
204 PI
205 PI
206 PIMain Cataract. Victoria Falls.
207 PI
208 PI
209 PI
210 PI
211 PI
212 PI
213 PI
214 PI
215 PIView of the World24/03/1909
216 PI
217 PI
218 PI
219 PI

Postcards: Braune & Levy – No.s 1610-1620

Braune & Levy

No.s 1610-1620

No.sDescriptionEarliest PMK Date
1611Boksburg Lake
1613Victoria Falls (Rhodesia)
1614Victoria Falls (Rhodesia) Main Fall28/05/1906
1615Where the Late C. J. Rhodes is Buried.
1617Craighall (Near Johannesburg) The Lake
1618Randfontein Railway Station

Postcards: Paris Evangelical Missionary Society – Series 11

Paris Evangelical Missionary Society

Series 11

No.sDescriptionEarliest PMK Date
N/AEn route pour le Zambeze. 1878
N/AMission Du Zambeze. 1878. Campement pres de Harrismith.
N/AMission Du Zambeze. - Le missionnaire Coillard.

Postcards: Paris Evangelical Missionary Society – Series 3

Paris Evangelical Missionary Society

Series 3

No.sDescriptionEarliest PMK Date
N/AHAUT- ZAMBЀZE - Le Vapeur du Gouvernement00/00/1907
N/AHAUT- ZAMBЀZE - Les chutes Victoria
N/AHAUT- ZAMBЀZE - Les rapides au-desseux des Chutes Victoria
N/AHAUT- ZAMBЀZE - M. Coillard en voyage sar le fleuve
N/AHAUT- ZAMBЀZE - Une maison missionaire11/12/1906
N/AZAMBЀZE. - Canot pessant le rapide Mambova
N/AZAMBЀZE. - Chenal dams les rapides de Katimamollo
N/AZAMBЀZE. - Garcons de M. Reutter, faisant la lessive
N/AZAMBЀZE. - La Zambeze a Sesheke
N/AZAMBЀZE. - Port de Sheshke au fond maison en briques...

Postmarks: 1960 Royal Tour


1960 Royal Tour


Two postmark types were used for this tour.

Type A

According to the GPO Notice 60/2/60, Type A was used was used in these towns from 11th to 30th May 1960:

  • Bulawayo
  • Kariba
  • Kitwe
  • Lilongwe
  • Lusaka
  • Mongu
  • Salisbury
  • Zomba

The Barry’s book “Postmarks of Rhodesia” indicates that the Bulawayo type A datestamp did not have the Federal coat of arms above. No other reference has been seen on this observation.

Type B

Type B was used on the day that the Queen Mother visited a particular town, the datestamp being accompanied by the town’s postmark. The specified towns and dates stated in the GPO Notice are as follows:

Fort Jameson23/05/1960
Salima25/05/1960Salima Nyasaland
Limbe27/05/1980Limbe C.S.O. C.B.
Blantyre27/05/1960Blantyre 4 Nyasaland
Mlanje28/05/1960Mlanje Nyasaland

Postmarks: 1957 Royal Tour


1957 Royal Tour

A single special postmark was used for the tour in conjunction with a date-stamp from the town of posting. It is understood that this date-stamp was only used in the town she was visiting that day.

However, some date-stamps of cities also appear on cover on dates where the Queen Mother was not visiting at the time. Including:

  • Salisbury – 13/07/1957
  • Bulawayo – 02/07/1957, 10/07/1957, 12/07/1957, 17/07/1957

This leads to the suspicion that the Royal Visit cachet was used in the cities visited throughout the period of her visit, and in the case of Bulawayo after she had left the country.


Salisbury02/07/1957Salisbury 9 S.R.
Salisbury05/07/1957Salisbury 9 S.R.
Broken Hill08/07/1957
Zomba12/07/1957Zomba Nyasaland
Salisbury15/07/1957Salisbury 9 S.R.
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