1953 – Central African Rhodes Centenary Exhibition: Postal Services

1953 – Central African Rhodes Centenary Exhibition

Postal Services

Registration Labels

Temporary Registration Label

It appears that postal services were established at the Central African Rhodes Centenary Exhibition before the official opening on 30 May for the workers. A temporary registration label was noted as early as 7 May 1953. The strike was in purple and followed by a hand-written number.

Registration Counters

There were four different registration counters with a special registration cachet block No.1-4. Only counter No.2 used black ink while the others are purple. Counter 1 & 3 appear to have manually entered the registration number while Counter 2 & 4 used stamped numbers.


Commemorative Postmarks

Two different commemorative postmarks were used. Type 1 (D.C. 33mm/25mm) was used from registration counters No.1 – 3. Type 2 (D.C. 30mm/20mm) was used at counter No.4.

Slogan Postmarks

Northern Rhodesia
Southern Rhodesia


  • Journal of the Rhodesian Study Circle No.100
  • Journal of the Rhodesian Study Circle No.102

1953 – Central African Rhodes Centenary Exhibition: Postal Services – Counter 4

1953 – Central African Rhodes Centenary Exhibition

Postal Services – Counter 4

1953 – Central African Rhodes Centenary Exhibition: Postal Services – Counter 3

1953 – Central African Rhodes Centenary Exhibition

Postal Services – Counter 3

1953 – Central African Rhodes Centenary Exhibition: Postal Services – Counter 2

1953 – Central African Rhodes Centenary Exhibition

Postal Services – Counter 2



Gwelo District


Rosmalind was a farm that had a trading store.

Postal Services

Mrs M E Ashwin was the postal agent for St Patrick’s Mission. On 1 December 1961, the agency was run from Garry Owen Farm owned by the Ashwins. However, the name was not deemed appropriate for postal services and the name of the nearby Rosmalind Farm was used instead.

The postal agency was closed 23 September 1963.

St Patrick’s Mission

St Patrick’s Mission


St. Patrick’s Mission (St. Patrick’s parish) is located in Mzilikazi, a suburb of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (part of Makokoba “Constituency”/Township). St. Patrick’s Mission was established by the Jesuits as of 1902.

Mzilikazi is named after the founder of the Ndebele nation, King Mzilikazi. Prior to independence, Makokoba (Makhokhoba) was a segregated township of Bulawayo.  The development of trade unionism began in Makokoba in 1928. In 1945, an important strike by railway workers started there.

Places of Interest

Postal Services

The initial postal agent was Mrs M E Ashwin, the secretary to St Patrick’s Mission. Father Smith originally oversaw the agency. The postal agency was situated at the mission from 1 December 1960. On 1 December 1961, the agency was renamed Rosmalind.

Southern Rhodesia: General Post Office – 266

Southern Rhodesia

General Post Office – 266


  • Date of Issue: 7 August 1933
  • Dept: General Post Office
  • Reqn: 266
  • Printer: Government Printing & Stationery
  • Paper:
  • Quantity: 5,000


Post Office Boxes: Salisbury 300-399

Post Office Boxes

Salisbury (300-399)


300Central Services Ltd1939
301Dr Ramsay1939
302H S Logan1939
303J W Skey & Co1939
304A S Lester1939
305Apostolic Faith Mission1939
306E C Nangle & Son1939
307H Robson1939
308Coloured School1939
309Hepworths Ltd1939
310Travlos Bros1939
311C E Kirkman (Kirkman's Florist)1939
312Sun Life of Canada1939
313St Patrick Lodge1939
314St Patrick's Chapter1939
315Bothwell & Co and Fashion Shoe Store1939
316Pirate Bottle Store1939
317A H Sing1939
318Rocky Spruit Trading Co1939
319Dr Heyman's Laboratories1939
320E G King1939
321E S Amm1939
322H Ramsay1939
323M Stein1939
324Duly & Co1939
325J Jones1939
326P Hughes & Co1939
327S.A. Breweries & Co1939
328Joelson Bros1939
329De Havilland Aircraft Co (Rhod) Ltd1939
330Dr L A Rubidge1939
331M Cohen1939
332A J Park1939
333Wesleyan Mission1939
334T Corven1939
335N Taylor1939
336W S Craster Ltd1939
337W Lieberman1939
338C Salomon & Kaufman Ltd1939
339H G Barham1939
340H A Sessel1939
341S N Arnott1939
342Salisbury Hebrew Congregation1939
343J C Ross1939
344Jones & Co1939
345Narsing & Son1939
346Bluff Hill Dairy1939
347E Watson1939
348J W Banner1939
349Maltas & Divaris Ltd1939
350W S Jarvis1939
351D C Benatar1939
352R B Conolly1939
353A W Wing1939
354M A Speight1939
355African Explosives & Industries Ltd (Sales Dept)1939
356M C Patel1939
357Vacuum Oil Co of S.A. Ltd1939
358P J Finneran1939
359F L Fernandes1939
360J A Cope Christie1939
361Public Works Dept - Foreman of Works1939
362Master of High Court1939
363Government Archivist1939
364British South Africa Company1939
365Public Works Dept1939
366Geological Survey Dept1939
368Defence Headquarters1939
369Land Bank1939
371H M Barbour1939
372The Texas Company (S.A.) Ltd1939
373Dept of Lands1939
374Survey Dept1939
375Legislative Assembly1939
376Mash. Turf Club Ltd1939
377Rhodesia Electricity Supply Commission1939
378Meteorological Dept1939
379Lennon Ltd1939
380Haim Galante1939
383The Treasury1939
384Mines and Works Dept - Roads Dept1939
385Dept of Justice1939
386Audit Dept1939
387Agriculture Dept1939
388Langham Hotel1939
389Director of Education1939
390Standard Bank of S.A. Ltd1939
391Postmaster-General's Office1939
392H E Governor1939
393Chief Native Comissioner1939
394Anglo-African Trading Co1939
395J E Stone & Co Ltd1939
396Rhodesian Printing & Publishing Co1939
397S Beretta1939
398C D Harris1939
399A Tyas1939

Private Bags: Salisbury – Poste Restante

Private Bags

Salisbury – Post Restante


158HAfrican Commercial Industrial Co.1939
159HF G Usher1939
160HR L Furness1939
161HSt Anne's Hospital1939
162HAfrican Explosives & Industries Ltd1939
163HEpworth Mission1939
164HJ E Beckingham1939
165HImperial Tobacco Co.1939
166HLytton Tobacco Exports Co Ltd1939
167HA Smith1939
168HR A Matthews1939
169HMidlothian Farm1939
170HJ R V Brown1939
172HJ Thackara1939


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