Commemorative Covers: 1959 – Central African Jamboree

Commemorative Covers

1959 – Central African Jamboree

First Day Covers: 1959 – Central African Jamboree

First Day Covers

1959 – Central African Jamboree


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1963 – 11th World Scout Jamboree

11th World Scout Jamboree

1st – 11th August, 1963

The 11th World Scout Jamboree was held in Marathon, Greece in 1963. The Chief Scout of Greece, HRH Crown Prince Constantine, attended every one of the event’s 11 days.  There was an Olympic theme to the Jamboree, with the triathlon and other sporting events taking place. A major event was the “Labours of Hercules” – a series of tasks designed to test the strength, skill, and stamina of participants.

The Jamboree Camp had eleven sub-camps for the participating Scouts and five sub-camps for administrative and technical personnel, and covered a total area of about 5 square kilometres. The Camp Chief was Demetrios Alexatos.

The focus of the camp was the “Greek Village” which offered sights and sounds, food and entertainment from all over Greece. There was also a 20,000-seat amphitheatre, and refreshment stands and expositions all around camp.

Flags at the Jamboree were placed at half-mast in mourning after the bulk of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines contingent died in the crash of United Arab Airlines Flight 869 on 28 July 1963, in the Arabian Sea nine nautical miles from Madh Island, India.


  • James Gavin


1965 – State Visit of Emperor Haile Selassie

State Visit of Emperor Haile Selassie

2nd – 5th August, 1965

In 1965, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Halie Selassie of Eithopia made the first State Visit to the newly independent Malawi.

His arrived at Chileka Airport in Blantyre at 10am on Monday 2 August 1965. He was welcomed by Dr. Banda, the Prime Minister, Sir Glyn Jones, the Governor General and Sattar Sacranie the Mayor of Blantyre/Limbe among other top officials of the ruling Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and Government.

Straight from the airport, the Emperor was taken on a state drive around Blantyre/Limbe enroute the Government House in the then capital city, Zomba. In the afternoon, accompanied by the Prime Minister, Governor General, cabinet ministers and the Ethiopian entourage, the Emperor was driven up the Zomba Mountain Plateau where they viewed a panoramic model of Phalombe plain and the Shire Highlands.

On 3 August 1965, in company of the Prime Minister, the Emperor visited Amalika Young Pioneers` Training Base in Cholo district. From Amalika, the two leaders proceeded to Naming`omba Tea Estate in the same district before driving to Ryalls Hotel in Blantyre for a civic luncheon hosted by the Mayor of Blantyre/Limbe, Clr. Sattar Sacranie.

The Emperor and his entourage finally left Malawi on Wednesday 4 August 1965. Before departure, he accorded special honours to 31 individuals who played significant tasks in making arrangements for this state visit



Commemorative Covers: 1953 – Rhodesia Centenary Exhibition

Commemorative Covers

1953 – Rhodesia Centenary Exhibition


Southern Rhodesia

Commemorative Covers: 1963 – World Tobacco Congress

Commemorative Covers

1963 – World Tobacco Congress

1964 – Last Day of Northern Rhodesia

Last Day of Northern Rhodesia

23rd October, 1964

The Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland was formally dissolved on 31 December 1963, and the country became the independent Republic of Zambia on 24 October 1964, with Kaunda as President.

Zambia became the first country ever to change its name and flag between the opening and closing ceremonies of an Olympic Games. The country entered the 1964 Tokyo Summer Olympics as Northern Rhodesia, and left in the closing ceremony as Zambia on 24 October, the day independence was formally declared.


Commemorative Covers: 1953 – Rhodes Centenary Exhibition

Commemorative Covers

1953 – Rhodes Centenary Exhibition


Northern Rhodesia

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