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Since December, 2015, the Rhodesian Study Circle has transitioned itself from an established philatelic society to one catered for the 21st Century collector. With thousands of images and nearly 4,000 pages of philatelic items, we are combining philately with the colourful history of Central Africa to help support you in building your collections.

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STAMPEX Autumn 2019

Autumn Stampex International is delighted to host The Postal Museum’s display of the associated philately, focusing on four major Airmail anniversaries.

They are delighted to announce that they have some new traders & some old favourites signed up for September Stampex including Art Stamped, Royal Mail, Mark Bloxham, The Royal Philatelic Society and The Postal Museum.


  • Date: 11th – 14th September, 2019
  • Location: Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, Islington, London N1 0QH.
  • Website: STAMPEX International


The Philatelic Traders’ Society is delighted to announce the launch of the Stampex Talks; a series of informal talks hosted by some of philately’s leading experts.

With two talks per day, at 11am and 2pm, the full schedule will be announced in due course with current speakers including Stamp Collector Magazine, The Royal Philatelic Society, Stanley Gibbons & The Philatelic Traders Society.

For more information: STAMPEX Talks

Mayflower 400

From November 2019, an ambitious year-long commemoration will mark the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower’s pioneering voyage.

The Mayflower 400 events programme will share the values of migration, tolerance, freedom and democracy and tell the story of a ship and its passengers – a group of people that a remarkable 30 million+ US citizens have descended from.

Stamp Exhibition & Collectors Fair

A one-day event, combining displays of collectable items, with winning Wessex Philatelic Federation competition entries, and information related to the Mayflower story.

There will also be over 20 dealers selling collectables, and representatives from Cavendish (a philatelic auction House) available to provide valuations.


For more information, please Contact Us.

Members Workshop: Tom Lee

Tom Lee

Little is known of Tom Lee and the only potential photo of him is above. The photo shows a T. D. Lee standing in from of the Administrator’s Office in Kalomo, 1906.


Ow ya baas, miningi sterrig mangi, inrona umfaans.

Just changing it to see if it is the correct address. I could not distinctly remember it & thought in case your letter was delayed in transit after redirection it would be as well to my old you have some token of remembrance. So here is the old old sincere wish Nance honest xx given this Xmas to you, served with a brandy cola on a hot plate of ice from your ever loving brother Tom.


← Behind here where I hang out.

Dearest Sis. Did you remember I had another birthday. I’m all well etc. but miningi mange. Best love from Tom.


You bet! I remember Bank Holiday 1901. “Are we nearly there… What price the haystacks. Tom.



Dear Vi, Don’t think because I am sending you 5 p.p.c’s this mail that I’m getting reckless in my old age because I am but as our salary falls due tomorrow I can stand the strain the expenditure will ****. Don’t be astonished tho’ if you get no more for a week.


akee bona inkoosikaas. Another for your collection. Tom.


Dearest Sister, Just a note this week but its better than none. Got your card safe. I’m wee fit and lively as a cricket. You’ll get all the news from Tib (?) as I’ve sent her the usual. Best love from Tom.

PO Box 195 Salisbury belonged to the De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd.


Dear Vida, Is this anything like Ashington. Its the Wankie Coalfields – the only coalfields in Rhodesia. Runs about £3 10/- per ton landed at Salisbury. Anything like Ashington!!!!!! Its very unhealthy in the wet season. Miningi fever. Yours Tom.

The railway from Bulawayo to Wankie Coalfields was completed September 21st, 1903. On April 25, 1904 it was extended to Victoria Falls.


Have sent off letter by same mail. This is taken out at a small mine. The boys are all Shangaanis, miningi intombis, picannins fools.


Just arrived here on way up. Having ripping ****. Leave tonight for Kalomo. Yrs Loales.


Arrived here safely. This is the sort of transport I came thro’ from the falls with. Had ripping time. Will write next mail. Took six days to trek about 100 miles. Lively eh!! Don’t be afraid to let me have along “sooner than soonest” soon. Tom.


Averages about the same as the alnwick-Cornhill branch.

Dear Vida, This is the way you will travel when you come across to spend that weeks holiday at the Falls etc. What do you think of the idea. Yrs Tom.


To let you see what the Falls are like in full water at the end of the rainy season.


Try and get that hepple address I asked you about early. “Keerimeke mange

kachema” Newtonards Derry or Mount Stewart!!!!!!!

Mount Stewart is a 19th-century house and gardens a few miles outside the town of Newtonards in Northern Ireland. The owner of the house was the Marquesses of Londonderry.

Dearest Sister, How are we. I’m keeping well and still keeping in touch with Tib and one or two others. Have you had this view for your collection before. The Cape-Cairo Railway is only three miles off now. Best of love and greetings. Yours afftnly, Tom.

The railway arrived in Northern Rhodesia in June 1905, when the 150 km long Livingstone–Kalomo line was built in advance of completion in September of that year of the Victoria Falls Bridge from the then Southern Rhodesia to Livingstone. The first wagons on the line were hauled by oxen, then a single locomotive was conveyed in pieces by cableway across the gorge where the bridge was being built to start up operations to Kalomo in advance of the main line connection.


Back to Kalomo once more. Fil. Got your card safely. Yours Tom.


Dear Johnnie, This will show you one of the crews who took part in a boat race on the Zambezi, one of the largest rivers in the world. Uncle Tom.

The first Zambezi Regatta was held on 13th June 1905 to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary year of Livingstone’s first arrival at the Falls and the construction of the Bridge. The regatta was the highlight to three days of sporting events and celebrations aimed at promoting the accessibility of the Falls to the wider world.


Dearest Nance,  Only got back to Kalomo so can’t get time to write you by this mail. All books etc. arrived safely and I’m nearly through already with them. The name I mean was “Howey” not “Oliver”. Regards to all. How is Johnnie. Best love. Tom.


Zambezi Express. 40 miles in 20 Hours. Tom.

By June 1905 three passenger trains a week were running to and from Bulawayo to Victoria Falls. Also on the Rhodesia Railways timetable was the “Zambezi Express” – a through train from Kimberley to Victoria Falls which completed the 450 km trip in under 18 hours, fully equipped with bedding services and dining car.


Wonder if the falls will be kind enough to let me be home with you all in 1907. What a (vital *****) time to look forward to though. I am going back.


My dear Nance, Just a line to let you know that I keep fit and well and hope you do likewise. I had a very quiet time at New Year. I sent you off a letter last week in which I thanked you for Xmas present. Best of love. You aff. Brother Tom.


This is about 4 miles above the falls.

DEAR DAN. Are you still alive?  Have never had an answer to my last letter. Tom.


Si si signora. Buena naghcte. T

25.11.1903SalisburyNance Lee
29.04.1904SalisburyNance Lee (?)
19.07.1904SalisburyVida Rosser
27.07.1904SalisburyVida Rosser
29.07.1904SalisburyVida Rosser
18.08.1904SalisburyNance Lee
26.08.1904Salisbury Nance Lee
20.10.1904SalisburyVida Rosser
22.11.1904SalisburyVida Rosser
03.04.1905Victoria FallsVida Rosser
11.04.1905KalomoVida Rosser
18.05.1905KalomoVida Rosser
23.05.1905KalomoVida Rosser
13.06.1905KalomoNance Lee
18.09.1905KalomoNance Lee
24.09.1905*UnknownJohnnie Lee
03.10.1905KalomoNance Lee
31.10.1905LivingstoneVida Rosser
05.12.1905KalomoNance Lee
02.01.1906KalomoNance Lee
20.06.1906KalomoAndrew Lee
22.06.1906KalomoVida Rosser
10.12.1906KalomoVida Rosser




MILCOPEX is Wisconsin’s largest stamp show. In conjunction with the Philatelic Group of Greater Southern Africa (PSGSA), the show will celebrate the Pan-African Stamp Exhibition. It will also celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Christmas Philatelic Club.


On The Road – Introduction to the Seaposts

The American Philatelic Society will host its On the Road course on the day before the show. This course, taught by Gary Loew, will be Introduction to the Seaposts: Ship Letters, Packet Mail, Paquebots and More.

Gary is a specialist collector of Gambia and the 1935 Silver Jubilee issue. In addition to the APS course, he will be one of the speakers during the show.

Other Talks
  • Polish Refugees in Africa, World War I – Regis Hoffman



San Francisco

The 59th annual WESTPEX Stamp Show will be held in San Francisco, California.

Westpex is one of the premier shows in the USA and with its 300+ exhibit frames in open competition and one of the qualifying shows for the American Philatelic Society’s World Series of Philately competition.

Some of the societies helping celebrate this year include:


RSC Meeting

The Rhodesian Study Circle will be holding a gathering to celebrate WESTPEX 2019. Visitors are most welcome to attend.

  • Date: 26th April, 2019
  • Time: 3pm – 5pm
  • Location: Newport Beach Room

Please Contact Us to let us know if you are interested attending or if you have any questions.

Photo Gallery


London 2020

London 2020

The London 2020 Specialised World Stamp Championship Exhibition will take place at the Business Design Centre between 2 and 9 May 2020. An international stamp exhibition is held in London every ten years, and London 2020 is set to attract collectors, enthusiasts and stamp professionals from around the world.

There will be 2,750 frames of competitive material  and the event will feature thousands of frames of stamp and postal history exhibits, bringing together some of the rarest and renowned collections from around the world.

As at London 2010 there will be a change-over of material in the frames after four days.

The competitive classes will be:

  • Championship
  • Traditional
  • Postal History
  • Aerophilately
  • Revenue
  • Postal Stationery
  • Thematic
  • Literature (including digital)
  • Open
  • Modern
  • Picture Postcards
  • Youth

This will be a true international exhibition, with over sixty countries having already appointed commissioners.


Hotel Bookings

London2020 has a Hotel booking agent up and running. More details available at

Rhodesian Study Circle

More information will be available closer to the event date.

More Information

To register your interest in attending any RSC events, please Contact Us.

Rhodesian Study Circle: Members Auction – December 2018

Rhodesian Study Circle

Members Auction – December 2018

The Rhodesian Study Circle December, 2018 auction is now available. This auction is only available to members of the Rhodesian Study Circle. Not a member? Join now!


Image Gallery

1935 – King George V Birthday Anniversary

King George V Birthday Anniversary

3rd June, 1935

George V (George Frederick Ernest Albert; 3 June 1865 – 20 January 1936) was King of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions, and Emperor of India, from 6 May 1910 until his death in 1936.

Born during the reign of his grandmother Queen Victoria, George was third in the line of succession behind his father, the Prince of Wales, and his own elder brother, Prince Albert Victor. From 1877 to 1891, George served in the Royal Navy, until the unexpected death of his elder brother in early 1892 put him directly in line for the throne.

On the death of his grandmother in 1901, George’s father became King-Emperor of the British Empire as Edward VII, and George was created Prince of Wales. He became king-emperor on his father’s death in 1910.



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