Zimbabwe Post Offices and Postmarks, the First Decades – Derrick Byrom

Zimbabwe Post Offices and Postmarks, the First Decades

Derrick Byrom


(Detailed listing, status of offices, name changes, spelling changes, opening and closing of offices, full information – maps – notes, profusely illustrated with new Zimbabwe postmarks, 48 pages A4, squareback and limp cover.)

Derrick Byrom of Harare was the pioneering student of modern Zimbabwe postal history. This publication bears witness to his endeavours in meticulously recording the changes of names and of spelling of place-names and the opening and closing of postal offices during Zimbabwe’s first two decades.

In 1982 he became the exchange packet superintendent of the Mashonaland Philatelic Society, and served collectors in this capacity until his untimely passing in 2000. He won every trophy awarded by the society, and in 1986 was elected to honorary membership. Derrick Alan Byrom was born in Salisbury, Rhodesia, as it then was, on 12 June 1938. After passing the Cambridge School Certificate at Prince Edward High School in 1955, he joined the then Native Affairs Department as a clerk and worked in rural areas for seven years, later moving to other government departments. He retired as Chief Executive Officer of the Zimbabwe Department of Home Affairs in 1981, having served 25 years as civil servant.

A highlight in Derrick’s philatelic career was the 30th anniversary celebration in 1998 in Harare of the Rhodesia Study Circle, of which he was made a Fellow in that year. Meanwhile he in 1997 showed “Seldom seen post offices of Zimbabwe” at the South African national philatelic exhibition, Cape Town. His exhibit “Post Offices of Rhodesia and Zimbabwe 1924-1999” in which he traced various changes, achieved a large silver award at the South African national philatelic exhibition Jopex in Johannesburg, 1999. He died in Harare on 8 November 2000, the 60th anniversary day of the founding of the Mashonaland Philatelic Society.

Derrick Byrom collected the range of postal and philatelic material from Zimbabwe independence on 18 April 1980 onwards, including the postmarks, rubber handstamps, registration labels, official post cards, examples of postal slogan cancellations and special event postmarks, first day covers featuring new stamp issues, RAPT charity seals (Rehabilitation and Prevention of Tuberculosis), and notices of postal rate changes, name changes, opening and closing of postal offices – just about everything. In 2004, Mrs Barbara Byrom presented the complete collection, already known as the Byrom legacy, to the Philatelic Federation of South Africa.

Safely kept by the Federation’s Heritage Committee, but unable to do justice to the further classification and suitable handling of the material, the Federation, in 2018, handed the Byrom material to the relevant interest group, the Rhodesia Study Circle, which is a specialist society affiliated to the Federation. On behalf of the Rhodesia Study Circle Patrick, Flanagan RDPSA, made a variety of the postal marks available for illustration in this listing.

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RSC Journal: No.276 December 2019

Vol. 69 No.5 December 2019/No.276 & Supplement

  • Editorial
  • From the Chairman
  • Annual Conference 2020
  • Membership News and Information
  • Obituaries: Richard Barnett, Gary Brown, David Lee
  • More on Memoirs-in-the-making
  • Zimbabwe post offices and postmarks, The first decades – The Derrick Byrom Legacy
  • Matters Arising
  • Members Ask
  • Members Share
  • RSC Meetings and Exhibitions:
    • Melbourne (7/9/2019)
    • Johannesburg (24/8/2019)
    • MICOPEX, Wisconsin (22-23/9/2019)
    • NZ National Philatelic Exhibition (28-29/9/2019)
    • Cape Town (8/6/2019)
  • Early revenue usage of “Rhodesia’s first stamps” – Mike Barter
  • Stanley Gibbons 2020 ‘Part 1’ BSAC Admiral Catalogue Revisions – Summary of Listing Changes – David Spivack
  • Adventures with the Penny Double Head: The terminal sufferings of the benighted 85B – Bob Gibbs
  • Early Farm Share Certificate Matabeleland 1894 – Mike Barter
  • The cover on the cover of this Journal – Peter Wingent
  • The Southern Rhodesia WWII Triangular Censor Handstamp – Keith Harrop and Mark Loomis
  • Mashonaland Mails 1890 – Colin Hoffman
  • Alluvial Certificates of Registration – Christopher Cooksey
  • Joseph Dobson – First postmaster in North-Western Rhodesia, at Mongu – Mike Barter
  • The RHODESIA ‘Large Arms’ Postal Stationery Cards of 1896 – Andrew Wilkie
  • Transmission by air within the USA – Keith Harrop
  • Mail from S. Rhodesia to Prisoners of War in Germany and Italy – Christopher Cooksey
  • UDI – No Service – Keith Harrop
  • Postcards of the African Lakes Corporation – Stuart Ross
  • Two unrecorded FPO covers – John Shawley
  • Mother Patrick – Mark Loomis
  • Malawi Today – Stuart Ross
  • A remarkable Family of Collectors – Dave Cooper
  • Postal Voting for Overseas Residents – Keith Harrop
  • …something new out of Africa 284 Missionary postal history from Kalene Hill
    and Ndola – Paul Peggie
  • A letter from the King – Patrick Flanagan and Sean Burke
  • Postcard Forum: W. Rausch, Photographer – Andrew Wilkie
  • Airletters of Nyasaland – Adrian de Bourbon
  • Supplement: The BSAC Admirals – A Philatelic Bibliography – David Spivack

The Machine Cancellations of Rhodesia 1911-1980 (2nd Edition)


By Mike Hughes

Mike Hughes has replaced his current publication South of the Zambesi Supplement: Machine Cancellations of Rhodesia with a Second Edition entitled The Machine Cancellations of Rhodesia 1911-1980.

The 2nd Edition catalogues circular date stamps, postage paid date stamps, slogans, wave patterns and roller marks with illustrations. This has been updated in March, 2021, and the revised version can be downloaded below. A summary of the March 2021 updates is also provided.

Mike Hughes has generously made the catalogue available as a free download with additional printing instructions are below.

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Printing Instructions

We have provided printing instructions for anyone wishing to have the downloaded document printed (and wire bound). This is due to the different presentation formats within the document.

  • Pages 01-02 – Print both sides, colour, portrait, on light card
  • Pages 03-58 – Print both sides, black and white, portrait
  • Pages 59-64 – Print both sides, black and white, landscape
  • Page 65       –  Print both sides, black and white, portrait.


RSC Journal: No.272 February 2019

Vol. 69 No.1 February 2019/No.272

  • Editorial
  • Report of the Chairman
  • Membership News and Information
  • Matters Arising
  • Members Ask
  • Members Share
  • Meetings and Exhibitions:
    • Melbourne (2/12/2018)
  • Who was the J F Chase, the addressee on 1932 First Flight Cover featured on th front of the December, 2018, RSCJ 271?  – Peter Hankins
  • Sir Percy Stillitoe: From British South Africa Police to number one of M.I.5 – Mike Barter
  • The Waxed Moustache – A Closer Look  – Julian Schamroth
  • More on the Truncated Waxed Moustache – Stephen Reah-Johnson
  • Too long a journey to Kawimbe – Mark Thomas
  • The Reuters Private Telegraph Stamps of Matabeleland Part 1 – Julian Schamroth
  • The Colours and Printings of the 5/- Rhodesia Double Head – Stephen Reah-Johnson and Simon Hensman
  • The Colours and Printings of the 7/6d Rhodesia Double Head – Stephen Reah-Johnson and Simon Hensman
  • Malawi Today – Stuart Ross
  • Postcard Forum: Victoria Falls – Andrew Wilkie

Southern Africa Philately No.11

  • Philatelic Forum 1920 Van Ryneveld Flight – The Bechuanaland Connection
  • Philatelic Forum Aerogramme – Swaziland 1955 Overprint H&G 16
  • Philatelic Forum Cape of Good Hope Un-catalogued Overprint Error
  • Philatelic Forum 1947 1d Royal Visit with Overprint Omitted (SWA)
  • Philatelic Forum Union Machine Cancels – Unusual Date-settings for April
  • Philatelic Forum A 1940 Cape Town Machine Slogan that Never Was
  • Philatelic Forum Basutoland 1st Official Air Mail Service
  • Philatelic Forum Tristan – Farewell to ‘The Lonely Isle’
  • Philatelic Forum July 1916 Union £1 King’s head
  • Philatelic Forum 1947 UPU Convention – Airmail Notes by I.H.C. Godfrey
  • Philatelic Forum S.A. Revenues – Watch Your Language – Update
  • Rhodesia Nkala – North Western Rhodesia
  • South Africa The 1927 10/- Aniline blue & brown SG 39
  • Airmails Air Mail Labels – In British Booklets
  • Birds on Stamps – Penguins on Southern Africa Stamps
  • Rhodesia – Victoria Falls Railway & Souvenir Letter Cards
  • Tristan Da Cunha – Two Different Shaped Cancels
  • Pioneer Philately – 1920 The Union Philatelist
  • COGH & Natal Labels – Cape Colony & Natal Labels
  • Indian Ocean – The Cocos Keeling Islands – Part II
  • Airmails – 1925 Experimental Air Service – Postmarks
  • Union Official Variety – Union 1/- Official with Transposed Overprints
  • Basutoland – Basutoland the 1961 Decimal Overprints
  • New Book – Southern Rhodesia King George V Philately – A Projected Publication

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Southern Africa Philately No.10

  • Philatelic Forum Stellaland – 1884 Imperforate Varieties Revisited
  • Philatelic Forum Goshen – ‘Local Labels’ or Bogus Manufacture?
  • Philatelic Forum 1916 A Proposed Union Philatelic Society
  • Philatelic Forum Circa 1901 – 02 Paul Kruger gets a ‘Verbal Bashing’
  • Philatelic Forum Ninety Years Mail in One Delivery
  • Philatelic Forum 1925 ¼d Newspaper Rate – No ¼d Stamps
  • Philatelic Forum 1925 Royal Tour – Stamps for the Prince
  • Birds on Stamps Extinct Birds on Southern African Stamps
  • Rhodesia 1896 Drought, Locusts, Rinderpest plus Rebellions
  • South Africa South African Diamonds
  • Boer War – Principal Events during the Boer War
  • Cape of Good Hope – Mount Currie Local Post
  • Bechuanaland – Bechuanaland Annual Reports 1896 – 97
  • Union of SA Airmails – Development of the African Airway
  • First Day/Early Use – Southern Africa Stamps First Days 1896 – 1927
  • SAA – A Government Acquisition & Change of Attitude
  • Indian Ocean – The Cocos Keeling Islands – Part I
  • Railway Tour & TPO – The 1925 Royal Tour of Southern Africa
  • Tristan da Cunha – From HMS Job 9 to HMS Atlantic Isle
  • Tristan Da Cunha – Tristan Defence Volunteers Document

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Southern Africa Philately No.9

  • Philatelic Forum Editorial ‘Bloomers’ – A ‘Philatelic Forum’ on the Internet
  • Philatelic Forum Submarine K XVIII – KLM’s first Trans-Atlantic Flight
  • Philatelic Forum Watermark ‘Blues’ on the Cape Triangle
  • Philatelic Forum TDCU 1ZZ Call-sign or Postcode?
  • Philatelic Forum Rhod & Nyasa 1961 Postage Dues 1d Imperforate between on cover
  • Philatelic Forum Basutoland – Symbolic Crocodile
  • Tristan Da Cunha No Stamps, No Money – Only Potatoes on Tristan
  • Union of SA 1952 International Tercentenary Exhibition – Cape Town
  • South Africa WWII Labels, Cape, Malay and Indian Corps
  • SWA – Early Fledgling Stamp Exhibitions in South West Africa
  • S. African Homelands – Designers/Artists of Transkei Stamps
  • Cape of Good Hope – The Intriguing Cape Triangular Stamps
  • Rhodesia & Nyasaland – The Handstamped Postage Dues
  • South Africa – 1925 Experimental Flights Cape Town to Durban and back
  • Indian Ocean – Christmas Island Indian Ocean
  • Indian Ocean – Christmas Island to Cocos (Keeling) Islands
  • Birds on Stamps – The Ostrich on Southern African Stamps
  • BSAC – Frank Melland – Government Official in Northern Rhodesia
  • Philately – A Chronological Appreciation of Southern African Philately
  • Philately – Promoting Southern Africa Philately
  • Philately – Observations on Southern Africa Philatelic Journals
  • Tristan Da Cunha – 1943 The Tristan Times

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Under the Mopane Tree – Grace D Webster

Under the Mopane Tree

Grace D Webster

This is a story about a young American couple who shared a dream of giving their lives for something greater than themselves. They ventured out on faith to an unknown land to give hope and love to a people who lived in fear and superstition. They did it passionately, joyfully and without regret. It is also my story of growing up in the Eastern Highlands of Southern Rhodesia with an extended family of missionaries and the beautiful people who lived there.

Available from www.amazon.co.uk.

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