Rhodesian Study Circle: Memoir 6 – The Fletcher Jones (Revised) & Storey Correspondence

Rhodesian Study Circle

The Fletcher Jones (Revised) & Storey Correspondence


Memoir 5, the Fletcher Jones correspondence, proved to be something of a best-seller, and by mid 2005 it was apparent that the last copies were likely to be sold before the end of the year.

Rather than simply reprint the original version, Alan Drysdall decided to compile a completely revised edition incorporating the information published as an update in the Journal in June 2004, a substantial amount of new information resulting from the appearance on the market of a second batch of covers, and some further comments regarding the early postal routes in N.E. Rhodesia.

Added to this extended version of the Fletcher Jones story is an analysis of the Storey correspondence, the original version of which has also been extended as a result of more covers appearing at auction.

The two correspondences, which are contemporaneous, compliment one another in that the covers addressed to Storey illustrate the postal routes between the UK and Chinde, the British Concession at the mouth of the Zambesi, about which very little has ever been published, and the Fletcher Jones covers provide evidence of the postal routes and post offices within B.C.A. and N.E Rhodesia.

Memoir 6 is comb-bound substantial publication, comprising 150 pages of text with more than 50 illustrations, including three pages in colour, and a foldout map of N.E. Rhodesia, also in colour.


  • Memoir: 6
  • Author: Dr. A Drysdall
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Rhodesian Study Circle: Memoir 9 – Early Gold Mining in Southern Rhodesia

Rhodesian Study Circle

Early Gold Mining in Southern Rhodesia

This profusely illustrated memoir explains the rather complex mining regulations and describes 23 different types of certificate together with the appropriate stamp duties, many of which varied during the period under review.

Comb bound with card covers, A4 format, x+ 58 pages, 64 illustrations including 40 in colour and 10 tables.


  • Memoir: 9
  • Author: Christopher J Cooksey
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No.241 December 2011


Vol. 61 No.4  December 2011/No.241

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Dr Thomas Osdene – reflections – Stephen Reah-Johnson and Alan MacGregor

A biographical note on Dick Pollitt – a personal perspective – Stephen Reah-Johnson

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A review of two Rhodesian collections and three auctions (Spink and Sotheby’s) – Stephen Reah-Johnson

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Hargreaves and Fort Young – Alan Drysdall

The researches of the late Arthur Pratt – Christopher Cooksey

Cigarette Surtax 1937-1953 and the ‘Excise’ Overprints – Adrian de Bourbon

ADS Registration Labels – Part 3 – Geoff Breakspear

Some early B.C.A and B.S.A.C. connections and a tale of Cloete and Blenkiron – Paul Peggie and John Shawley

A well travelled cover – Alan Drysdall

Picture Postcard Forum – Andrew Wilkie

No.240 September 2011



Vol. 61 No.3  September 2011/No.240



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Postal stationery cards addressed to the UK sent by railway workers from Umtali via Beira in 1897-98 – Alan Drysdall

Native porters at Katungas, B.C.A. – Mark Thomas

ADS Registration Labels – Geoff Brakspear

The Southern Rhodesia 5/- Admiral SG 14 – Otto Peetoom

“Around the houses in North Eastern Rhodesia” – A Letter that chases an addressee is sport for the philatelist – Mark Thomas 

Were ‘Double Heads’ definitives or commemoratives? – Keith Harrop

The stamps overprinted ‘B.C.A’ in Museum Africa – Alan Drysdall

The Palace and the Mounted Pioneer Stamp – George Stewart

Was the £1 “Error” not the First £1 Double Head Printed? – Stephen Reah-Johnson with some notes by R.M. Gibbs

Postcard Forum – Andrew Wilkie


No.239 June 2011



Vol. 61 No.2  June 2011/No.239



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Cap Markings on BSAC 2d Admiral – The 2d Plate 7 Revisited – Julian Schamroth and Stephen Reah-Jones

‘A Study in Green’ or ‘The Curious case of the imperforate Halfpenny Double Head’ – R.J. Looker

Post Office Wrappers: British South Africa Company, Southern Rhodesia, Nyasaland & British Central Africa Protectorate – Dr. John K. Courtis

Serendipity and headaches, the lot of the postal historian – Alan Drysall

Book Reviews – Memoirs 13, 17 and 18

ADS Registration Labels – Part 1 – Geoff Brakspear 

A Dozen Manifestations – HG 11a – Paul Peggie, Sean Burke and Colin Hoffman

Postcard Forum – Ellis Allen – Published – Andrew Wilkie

The Southern Rhodesia 5/- Admiral Former Error of Colour – Otto Peetoom

No.238 March 2011



Vol. 61 No.1  March 2011/No.238



Obituaries – Dennis Trotter and Roland Wille

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  • London (22/1/2011)

The Double Head Centenary Celebrations (11-12/11/2010)

Three items for the Devil’s Stamp Collection – Stephen Reah-Johnson

Backwards and Forwards – Andrew Wilson

A safari to Victoria Falls – Alan Drysdall and Fernando Torres

BCA Revenues and the payment of the Hut Tax – James W. Bannister

The Imprints of the 1d. Southern Rhodesia Victory Issue – Christopher Cooksey

What the King thought – George Stewart

McNeil of Abercorn: filling in the gaps – Anita McCullough

WWII BOAC Cairo to Gwelo Service – George Stewart

Postcard Forum – Andrew Wilkie

Zimbabwean Concise Postage Stamp Catalogue


First published in printed format in 2001 by The Harare Stamp Company (Pvt) Ltd, the catalogue included all issues to 2010 and was available in several downloadable PDF sections including:

  • Preface
  • 1989-1985
  • 1986-1990
  • 1991-1995
  • 1996-2000
  • 2001-2005
  • 2006-2010
  • Postage Due and To Pay Labels

The site is no longer functioning. However, much of the work can now be found in the Rhodesian Study Circle’s Encyclopedia of Rhodesian & Zimbabwe Postage Stamps Since 1964.


Rhodesian Study Circle: 2008 Diamond Jubilee

Rhodeisan Study Circle

2008 Diamond Jubilee

Author: Captain David C. Underwood, Jnr based on the work of Stephen Reah-Johnson, Robert M. Gibbs, and Charles Temple.

Publisher: Rhodesian Study Circle

Details: 64 pages

Price: Out of stock.


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