Postal Sanctions Against Rhodesia 1965 to 1980 – Mike Hughes

Postal Sanctions Against Rhodesia 1965 to 1980

A collector’s guide with illustrations – by Mike Hughes

This study details the postal sanctions imposed by the British Government on Rhodesia’s postal services following the Declaration of Independence on 11th November 1965.

The 165 pages includes over 200 colour illustrations of an exceptional range of covers that have been subjected to postal sanctions by Britain or by other countries that imposed postal sanctions on Rhodesian mail themselves. Many illustrations are very rare and will be of interest to collectors.

Numerous topics are covered in the background notes including: –

  • what mail was subjected to postal sanctions
  • how surcharges were calculated in Britain for ordinary mail sent by surface and air, registered mail, mail underpaid and official mail
  •  how the British Post Office dealt with mail that was undelivered, needed to be forwarded or where the addessee refused to pay the surcharge
  •  which other countries surcharged Rhodesian mail and which countries suspended postal services with Rhodesia altogether

Philatelic Society of Rhodesia: The Postage Stamps of Rhodesia (1932)

Philatelic Society of Rhodesia

The Postage Stamps of Rhodesia (1932)

Southern Africa Philately No.8

  • Philatelic Forum 1927 ½d Springbok with a partial Double Impression
  • Philatelic Forum Interesting snippets in The Stamp Collectors’ Fortnightly
  • Philatelic Forum 1946 An Unscheduled Visitor to Tristan da Cunha
  • Philatelic Forum When were the ORC Overprints Demonetised (Update)
  • Philatelic Forum The Fabulous Pelham Collection
  • Philatelic Forum RSA Major Varieties (Update)
  • Philatelic Forum Stanley Gibbons  A Romantic Tale Develops
  • Philatelic Forum The First Man to Post Himself
  • Philatelic Forum South West Africa – 1973 ‘April Fool’
  • Philatelic Forum Privately Produced Airmail Label
  • South Africa The last Printings of the 2d Union Buildings
  • South Africa ‘Rare’ Union Officials – A Legacy of Hinko Suklje
  • Transvaal – Mozambique The Transvaal and Delgoa Bay
  • Airmails 1937 By Air – Brisbane to Cape Town  a Remarkable Lady
  • Southern Rhodesia 1938  1952 King George VI Booklets
  • Bechuanaland Cape Colony Confusion Regarding the Bechuanalands
  • South Africa WWII Maritime Labels
  • South West Africa 1967 The HALALI Hunting Horn Cancellation
  • South Africa Table Mountain as seen on Stamps
  • Railways South African ‘Rail’ versus ‘Station’
  • Northern Rhodesia Confusion at Mkushi
  • Pioneering Philately The South African Stamp Collector (1916 – 17)
  • Maritime Irvin and Johnson Connection with Kreguelen
  • Postal Orders The Evolution of South Africa Overprints on G.B. Postal Orders
  • Republic of South Africa RSA Philatelic Foundation Souvenir Sheets
  • South Africa South Africa King’s Heads  Inverted Watermarks
  • Tristan Da Cunha ‘Boetie’ Davidson and Tristan da Cunha
  • SWA Essays for the 1984 Centenary of German Colonisation (Back cover)

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Rhodesian Philatelist – No.43 February 2018

No. 43 February, 2018

  • Editorial
  • Northern Rhodesia KGVI 1½d Imperforate between – Update
  • Northern Rhodesia 1953 QEII 6d Watermark Inverted SG 68w
  • Nyasaland Labels
  • Air Service between Kisumu and Lusaka
  • Southern Rhodesia 1929 1d Perforation 12½ Coil Stamp
  • Southern Rhodesia 1924 – 29 KGV Admirals Printers Marks
  • Philately, Stamp Collecting and Thematics – Birds on Stamps
  • Rhodesian Postal and Rail Strikes in 1920
  • S. Rhodesia Admirals – Differences & similarities with BSAC
  • Southern Rhodesia 1947 6d Victory with Offset on Reverse
  • BSAC – High Value Embossed Revenue Proofs

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Rhodesian Post Offices – Where and When

Rhodesian Post Offices – Where and When

Author: W. F. Calder

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Gibbons Stamp Monthly

Gibbons Stamp Monthly


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1963FebruaryAn Issue is Born1963 Rhodesia & Nyasaland Tobacco Congress
1964MarchAn Issue is Born1963 Southern Rhodesia Definitive Series
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1965DecemberAn Issue is Born1965 Rhodesia Churchill
2012DecemberRhodesia's 1909 Overprints1909 BSAC Overprints

Sun, Steel & Spray – A History of the Victoria Falls Bridge

Sun, Steel & Spray – A History of the Victoria Falls Bridge

Peter Roberts

Sun, Steel & Spray – A History of the Victoria Falls Bridge is a comprehensive history of the Victoria Falls Bridge. Built in 1904-5 as part of the extension of the envisaged Cape-to-Cairo railway north into central Africa, the spanning of the Zambezi River pushed engineering knowledge and construction techniques of the time to new heights, literally, for at the time the Victoria Falls Bridge was the highest of its kind over water.

With close to 100 period photographs and over 150 pages, Sun, Steel and Spray is full of interesting facts, entertaining stories and information detailing the rich history of this iconic structure, from conception and construction to its ongoing management and maintenance.

This revised second edition builds on information published in the first edition and is presented in a new revised layout, with expanded text and many additional stories, details and images.

Available at and

Alternatively, contact The Zambezi Book Company.

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