The Revenue Society

The Revenue Society was originally formed in 1990 and currently has over 350 members from 40 countries. Founded to promote the research and display of revenue stamps and associated documents, the society also publishes The Revenue Journal every quarter.  Members are encouraged to exhibit their collections at regular meetings in London as well as at national and  international philatelic exhibitions.


East Africa Study Circle

East Africa Study Circle

The East Africa Study Circle (EASC) was founded in 1979 to study, record and publish information relating to the philately and postal history of Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika including British East Africa (Company and Imperial Administrations), East Africa and Uganda Protectorates, Deutsch Ostafrika (DOA), Belgian Occupation of DOA, Kenya and Uganda, Kenya Uganda and Tanganyika/Tanzania (KUT) and Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika/ Tanzania after independence in the early 1960’s to the present day.


With nearly 175 members worldwide, benefits include:

  • The award-winning Bulletin
  • Member’s Meetings
  • Members’ Auctions
  • Library Service, and
  • Access to leading specialists in East African philately.

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The EASC meets three times a year on Saturday afternoons in late February and late September (to coincide with Stampex) and in mid June.



The Rhodesian Stamp Collector’s Exchange Club

The Rhodesian Stamp Collector’s Exchange Club



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Philatelic Society of Rhodesia

Philatelic Society of Rhodesia


Formed in 1910, the Philatelic Society of Rhodesia was a Founder Member of the Philatelic Society of South Africa. On the 12th November, 1962 it was granted the title of ‘Royal’ by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and became the Royal Philatelic Society of Rhodesia.

The society newsletter, Magnify, came into being in 1970 as a monthly newsletter. It later became bi-montly and then quarterly.

In 1982, the society changed its name to the Royal Philatelic Society of Zimbabwe.

First Day Covers



  • A Short Potted History of the Royal Philatelic Society of Zimbabwe since Zimbabwe Independence in 1980 to our Centenary Year 2010 – Bob Good
  • Geoff Brakspear
  • Adrian de Bourbon
  • Keith Harrop


Orange Free State Study Circle

The Orange Free State Study Circle was founded in 1953 to further the study of all aspects of OFS and ORC philately and to publish the results. The study circle has members from all over the world.

Meetings are held at least twice a year, both in the UK and abroad. The due to the world-wide spread of membership the chief communication medium is the Orange Free State Bulletin.

Postal auctions are held regularly subject to sufficient material being offered.

Orange Free State Bulletin

The Orange Free State Bulletin is issued in March, June, September and December of each year.

The bulletin contains articles by members, questions and answers, meeting reports, membership changes and much other useful information.

Past Bulletins can be supplied if available.

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1st Cinderella Stamp Congress

1st Cinderella Stamp Congress

16th -18th September, 2016


Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of BÄLTESPÄNNAREN – the Swedish Cinderella stamp club.

The 1st Cinderella Stamp Congress will be held in September, 2016. The Congress will include items from a variety of collecting interests including locals, poster stamps, revenues, railways, shipping, aviation and transport, franking meter marks, phantoms and bogus, in fact all ‘back of the book’ subjects.

Rhodesia produced a huge array of cinderella stamps and this will be a great chance for collectors to display their collections and mingle with other stamp lovers.


Friday 16th

5pm – 8pm: The Congress commences with a welcoming drinks and buffet reception at The Royal Philatelic Society London (RPSL). There will be an invited display from members of the Cinderella Stamp Club of Great Britain of up to 50 frames and a special souvenir for all attending.

Saturday 17th

11am: World revenues. A paper related to the subject will also be presented and there will be an invited display from the Revenue Society of Great Britain followed by a chance for anyone else to display on that subject. Auction viewing and dealers stands will be present throughout the day. Tables are available free of charge to any dealers that want to participate and there will be another souvenir.

2.30pm: This will be hosted by hosted by BÄLTESPÄNNAREN, the Swedish Cinderella stamp club that celebrates its 50th anniversary on that very day. A research paper will be presented by Lars Liwendahl. Members will present an invited exhibit, after which everyone is encouraged to display any aspect of Scandinavian Cinderellas. They will be providing a souvenir and special cachet. Cinderella and Revenue auction until

7pm: Congress dinner in the evening (dress informal).

Sunday 18th

11am: Poster stamps and locals. A research paper will be followed by an invited display of poster stamps and another of locals, after which those present will be encouraged to display. There will be another special souvenir and a Lundy Island posting facility. The dealers’ course will continue throughout the day. At the same time The Meter Mark Study Group will hold a separate meeting in the building for those that are interested.

2.30pm: Signing of the Maurice Williams’ Roll of notable Cinderella Philatelists, by both new nominees and those that had previously not had an opportunity to sign. Displays from those present on any other aspects of Cinderella philately not covered so far. There will be a further souvenir and the Lundy Collectors’ Club will hold a separate meeting elsewhere in the building that is open to all.

5pm: Congress closes.

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GB Overprints Society

GB Overprints Society




The GB Overprints Society (GBOS) helps members and collectors to explore the many ways and reasons why British stamps and other postal material have been overprinted, whether it is for use outside the UK or for special functions within the UK. This opens up a wide variety of avenues, which will interest not only GB collectors who want to find out other uses of their favourite stamps, but also collectors of particular countries or themes.

Member Services

  • Quarterly journal The Overprinter
  • Publications
  • Online articles

Membership: GBOS Membership


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