No.241 December 2011


Vol. 61 No.4  December 2011/No.241

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Circle News and Information

Dr Thomas Osdene – reflections – Stephen Reah-Johnson and Alan MacGregor

A biographical note on Dick Pollitt – a personal perspective – Stephen Reah-Johnson

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Reports of Meetings:

  • Cape Town (13/8/2011)
  • Melbourne (17/9/2011)
  • Zimbabwe (17/9/2011)
  • Ontario (7/10/2011)
  • SA National Exhibition, Cape Town (13-15/10/2011)

A review of two Rhodesian collections and three auctions (Spink and Sotheby’s) – Stephen Reah-Johnson

eBay Watch

Hargreaves and Fort Young – Alan Drysdall

The researches of the late Arthur Pratt – Christopher Cooksey

Cigarette Surtax 1937-1953 and the ‘Excise’ Overprints – Adrian de Bourbon

ADS Registration Labels – Part 3 – Geoff Breakspear

Some early B.C.A and B.S.A.C. connections and a tale of Cloete and Blenkiron – Paul Peggie and John Shawley

A well travelled cover – Alan Drysdall

Picture Postcard Forum – Andrew Wilkie

The Philatelic Collection of Lord Steinberg

The Philatelic Collection of Lord Steinberg – British Empire Mint Multiples

6th September, 2011Sotheby 06.09.2011

Looking through Lord Steinberg’s 33 stamp albums, with each item on a separate page written-up by a skilled calligraphist, was not only a joy but a unique occasion. In the recent past, Sotheby’s has had the privilege of auctioning outstanding collections formed by Sir Gawaine Baillie and Lady Mairi Bury. Each of those were distinctive in the owner’s style of collecting; Sir Gawaine collected Great Britain and British Empire and held production proofs and mint examples of the issued stamps with some blocks; Lady Mairi collected Great Britain and favoured primarily postal history, particularly of her beloved Ireland.

Lord Steinberg, like Sir Gawaine, collected Great Britain and the British Empire, but with a real twist. He only collected mint blocks of four or larger multiples. To see a comparable collection it is necessary to go back to the earlier period of the 20th century to a sale devoted purely to blocks of four which was held by Puttick and Simpson in London.

Collectors are only too aware of the significance of blocks. Many stamps which are comparatively common are transformed into major rarities when in blocks of four or larger. These sales will be an unrivalled opportunity for specialist collectors to acquire gems from this exceptional, unique collection.

Lord Steinberg (1936-2009)

Leonard Steinberg rose to prominence with Stanley Leisure, the company he founded in his native Belfast. His success ensured that it became the fourth largest bookmaker in the UK, with 650 shops and 40 casinos. The company was floated on the London Stock Exchange in 1986. Awarded a peerage in 2004, Lord Steinberg was a keen Conservative and a proud friend of Israel. His great and varied philanthropic work included support of many UK and Jewish organisations. Stamp collecting was one of the many activities he enjoyed at leisure, alongside cricket and art. He was elected President of Lancashire County Cricket Club in 2007.

This remarkable sale comprises 74 countries of the British Empire. There is a most notable range of blocks, including some of the greatest rarity.

Highlights of the sale include Australia with many rare Kangaroo blocks; the unique British Solomon Islands block illustrated on the front cover of this brochure; magnificent classic Ceylon; Cyprus 1924-28 £5 block of four; Falkland Islands with the 1933 Centenary set in marginal blocks of four; wonderful Hong Kong; India classic issues; a remarkable section of Newfoundland with the unique 1927 De Pinedo airmail block of four and the 1932 DO-X airmail block of four with the surcharge inverted.

Like Sir Gawaine Baillie before him, Lord Steinberg developed a great passion for the Rhodesian Double Head issues. These are generally rare in blocks and within the sale is an incomparable selection.

Catalogue: Auction Catalogue

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No.240 September 2011



Vol. 61 No.3  September 2011/No.240



Circle News and Information

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Reports of Meetings:

  • Cape Town (20/3/2011)
  • Kwa Zulu Natal (8/5/2011)
  • Melbourne (11/6/2011)
  • Zimbabwe (18/6/2011)
  • South West (26/6/2011)
  • Johannesburg (21/4/2011)
  • London (18/6/2011)

Postal stationery cards addressed to the UK sent by railway workers from Umtali via Beira in 1897-98 – Alan Drysdall

Native porters at Katungas, B.C.A. – Mark Thomas

ADS Registration Labels – Geoff Brakspear

The Southern Rhodesia 5/- Admiral SG 14 – Otto Peetoom

“Around the houses in North Eastern Rhodesia” – A Letter that chases an addressee is sport for the philatelist – Mark Thomas 

Were ‘Double Heads’ definitives or commemoratives? – Keith Harrop

The stamps overprinted ‘B.C.A’ in Museum Africa – Alan Drysdall

The Palace and the Mounted Pioneer Stamp – George Stewart

Was the £1 “Error” not the First £1 Double Head Printed? – Stephen Reah-Johnson with some notes by R.M. Gibbs

Postcard Forum – Andrew Wilkie


No.239 June 2011



Vol. 61 No.2  June 2011/No.239



Circle News and Information

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Matters Arising

Reports of Meetings:

  • South West England (13/2/2011)
  • Manchester (29/1/2011)
  • Melbourne (12/2/2011)
  • Zimbabwe (27/11/2010)
  • Johannesburg (22/1/2011)
  • Zimbabwe (19/3/2011)
  • AGM/Conference (8-10/4/2011)

Cap Markings on BSAC 2d Admiral – The 2d Plate 7 Revisited – Julian Schamroth and Stephen Reah-Jones

‘A Study in Green’ or ‘The Curious case of the imperforate Halfpenny Double Head’ – R.J. Looker

Post Office Wrappers: British South Africa Company, Southern Rhodesia, Nyasaland & British Central Africa Protectorate – Dr. John K. Courtis

Serendipity and headaches, the lot of the postal historian – Alan Drysall

Book Reviews – Memoirs 13, 17 and 18

ADS Registration Labels – Part 1 – Geoff Brakspear 

A Dozen Manifestations – HG 11a – Paul Peggie, Sean Burke and Colin Hoffman

Postcard Forum – Ellis Allen – Published – Andrew Wilkie

The Southern Rhodesia 5/- Admiral Former Error of Colour – Otto Peetoom

No.238 March 2011



Vol. 61 No.1  March 2011/No.238



Obituaries – Dennis Trotter and Roland Wille

Circle News and Information

Matters Arising

Members Ask

Reports of Meetings:

  • Zimbabwe (20/3/2010)
  • Scotland (15-16/10/2010)
  • Johannesburg (26/10/2010)
  • JOBURG 2010 (28/10/2010)
  • Cape Town (22/11/2010)
  • Queensland (13/12/2010)
  • London (22/1/2011)

The Double Head Centenary Celebrations (11-12/11/2010)

Three items for the Devil’s Stamp Collection – Stephen Reah-Johnson

Backwards and Forwards – Andrew Wilson

A safari to Victoria Falls – Alan Drysdall and Fernando Torres

BCA Revenues and the payment of the Hut Tax – James W. Bannister

The Imprints of the 1d. Southern Rhodesia Victory Issue – Christopher Cooksey

What the King thought – George Stewart

McNeil of Abercorn: filling in the gaps – Anita McCullough

WWII BOAC Cairo to Gwelo Service – George Stewart

Postcard Forum – Andrew Wilkie

Zimbabwean Concise Postage Stamp Catalogue


First published in printed format in 2001 by The Harare Stamp Company (Pvt) Ltd, the catalogue included all issues to 2010 and was available in several downloadable PDF sections including:

  • Preface
  • 1989-1985
  • 1986-1990
  • 1991-1995
  • 1996-2000
  • 2001-2005
  • 2006-2010
  • Postage Due and To Pay Labels

The site is no longer functioning. However, much of the work can now be found in the Rhodesian Study Circle’s Encyclopedia of Rhodesian & Zimbabwe Postage Stamps Since 1964.


Rhodesian Study Circle: 2008 Diamond Jubilee

Rhodeisan Study Circle

2008 Diamond Jubilee

Author: Captain David C. Underwood, Jnr based on the work of Stephen Reah-Johnson, Robert M. Gibbs, and Charles Temple.

Publisher: Rhodesian Study Circle

Details: 64 pages

Price: Out of stock.


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