The Nyasaland-Rhodesia Field Force

The Nyasaland-Rhodesia Field Force 1914-18 – A Postal History

Author: A. Drysdall & K. Pennycuick

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No.253 December 2014



Vol. 64 No.4  December 2014/No.253



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Obituaries: Plato Mavros, Kevin Ashworth, Hazel Meredith

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Book Reviews

Member Shares:

  • Illegal Issues of Zambian Stamps
  • The Enkeldoorn Forgery
  • Mining Postmarks
  • The ‘removal’ of H.C Marshall

Reports of Meetings:

  • Johannesburg (23/08/2014)
  • Harare (04/10/2014)
  • London (18/10/2014)
  • Cape Town (27/11/2014)

Further Gunboat Mail on Lake Nyasa – Mark Ladd

Lusaka 1935: FDC and FFC covers – Neil Donen and Keith Harrop

Recollections: WWI and WWII – Bill Hallatt

Rhodesia: The Waterlow £2 of 1897 – A new Waterlow plate, or reuse of the old Bradbury plate? – Colin Hoffman

The Printings and Colours of the 11/2d Rhodesia Admiral – S.Reah-Johnson

Postcard Forum: Camera House – Andrew Wilkie

Ebay Watch – Postcards

Ebay Watch

More on London Missionary Society Postal History – Paul Peggie and Alan Roy


The Philatelic Collector’s Sale

The Philatelic Collector’s Sale

25th November, 2014


Spink 25.11.2014


The November Philatelic Collector’s Series sale commences on Tuesday 25th at 10.00am with a fine selection of Revenue Stamps from the British Empire, followed by a number of Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co. die proof vignettes of Queen Elizabeth II. The first day also includes strong sections of Bahamas (covers), Cyprus, the John Wannerton Collection of Canadian Contingents in the Boer War, and India (Air and Rocket mails). The second day includes Rhodesia (imperforate colour trials), St. Vincent and Virgin Islands and concludes with an impressive selection of Afghanistan in the Foreign section and the usual collections and ranges. The sale is punctuated with some very beautiful and exciting items.

Catalogue: Auction catalogue

Status: Closed


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