Philatelic Friends: Auction – September 2019



RSC Journal: No.275 September 2019

Vol. 69 No.4 September 2019/No.275

  • Editorial
  • Membership News and Information
  • Obituary: Rev. David Hubbard
  • Book Reviews
  • Matters Arising
  • Members Ask
  • Members Share
  • RSC Meetings and Exhibitions:
    • Cape Town (16/02/2019)
    • San Francisco (26/04/2019)
    • Melbourne (02/05/2019)
    • South West England (02/06/2019)
    • Stockholmia (26/05-02/06/2019)
    • London (29/06/2019)
  • ‘Silver Queen Flight’ – England to South Africa – Keith Harrop
  • Two Afternoons with Lamar Stout
  • A morning in early May with the £1 Double Head in Napa, California
  • Rhodesia Admirals – Allen Kirkpatrick
  • Postcard Forum – Andrew Wilkie
  • Some postcards of possible interest – Colin Hoffman
  • Unadopted Rhodesia & Nyasaland essays – Keith Harrop
  • Some items of postal history from the BSAC Admiral period – Derek Lambert
  • W Ellerton Fry and George Washington Wilson – Colin Hoffman and Sean Burke
  • The Pre-Colonial Bulawayo Posts, 1875-1893: Some research findings – Ian Johnstone
  • The source of the image for the 1905 Victoria Falls issue – Colin Hoffman and Sean Burke
  • Early air dispatches from Livingstonia, Nyasaland – Brian Coop
  • First day cancel on a Rhodesia Admiral – a new find
  • The Development of the Rose of Sharon and Shamrock Mine – Christopher Cooksey
  • Possibly the earliest reference to the ‘OD’ flaw on the 1d Double Head – Derek Lambert
  • The Reuters Private Telegraph stamps of Matabeleland – Part 3 – Julian Schamroth
  • The first post office of Marandellas – Mike Barter
  • Some interesting research findings for our archives
  • New Insights into a BSAC Admiral Rarity – SG 256b – How many exist? – David Spivack
  • Remembering Stan Carey and Arcturus – Dave Cooper
  • Stanley Gibbons BSAC Admiral Catalogue Listing update

Rhodesian Study Circle: Members Auction – July 2019

Rhodesian Study Circle

Members Auction – July 2019

The Rhodesian Study Circle July, 2019 auction is now available. This auction is only available to members of the Rhodesian Study Circle. Not a member? Join now!



Memoir 50% Off Sale

You can now buy any of the Memoirs in stock from from No.6 to No.29 for 50% off the listed price (P&H extra). Pricing available for both Members & Non-Members.

It is only for Memoirs in-stock and will be valid until stocks are exhausted. It is on a first come, first serve basis.

RSC Journal: No.274 June 2019

Vol. 69 No.3 June 2019/No.274

  • Editorial
  • Membership News and Information
  • Matters Arising
  • Members Ask
  • Members Share
  • Meetings and Exhibitions:
    • Melbourne (06/03/2019)
    • RSC Conference and AGM (5-7/04/2019)
    • Johannesburg (23/03/2019)
  • The George VI Southern Rhodesia Specimens – Dave Cooper
  • The Reuters Private Telegraph Stamps of Matabeleland Part 2 – Julian Schamroth
  • American Board Mission Postal History – Patrick Flanagan
  • The Mining Documents of Northern Rhodesia – Christopher J Cooksey
  • ‘SPECIMEN’ Perforations on the Small Arms (1898) and their overprints (1909) – Julian Schamroth
  • Another interesting A.J. Storey incoming cover – Brian Coop
  • Smart & Copley Christmas Postcards – James Gavin
  • The Emil Holub and François Coillard connection and a new cover – Paul Peggie and Sean Burke
  • The Thomas de la Rue Southern Rhodesia Essays – Dave Cooper
  • Moses Z. Booleman: The Fort Victoria Connection – Andrew Wilkie
  • The 1d. Cape Postal Stationery Cards Overprinted “MASHONALAND.” (Part 3) – Andrew Wilkie
  • Stories that surround Southern Rhodesia Fiscal Documents – Adrian de Bourbon
  • Malawi Today – Stuart Ross
  • Lake Shipping Company (Private) Limited – Chris Halse
  • A Relief of Mafeking related cover – Justin Corfield
  • An aerophilately cover prepared by L.J. Davidson – David Bradley
  • Two Rhodesia and Nyasaland essays reunited

The Machine Cancellations of Rhodesia 1911-1980 (2nd Edition)


By Mike Hughes

Mike Hughes has replaced his current publication South of the Zambesi Supplement: Machine Cancellations of Rhodesia with a Second Edition entitled The Machine Cancellations of Rhodesia 1911-1980.

The 2nd Edition catalogues circular date stamps, postage paid date stamps, slogans, wave patterns and roller marks with illustrations.

Mike Hughes has generously made the catalogue available as a free download with additional printing instructions are below.

If you have additional information to provide to improve further editions, please Contact Us.


Printing Instructions

We have provided printing instructions for anyone wishing to have the downloaded document printed (and wire bound). This is due to the different presentation formats within the document.

  • Pages 01-02 – Print both sides, colour, portrait, on light card
  • Pages 03-58 – Print both sides, black and white, portrait
  • Pages 59-64 – Print both sides, black and white, landscape
  • Page 65       –  Print both sides, black and white, portrait.


Philatelic Friends: Auction – May 2019



Spink: The Philatelic Collectors’ Series – July, 2019


The Philatelic Collectors Series


  • Date: 10th-11th July, 2019
  • Catalogue: Order via website link. PDF not yet available.
  • Website:
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