The Gold Mines of Southern Rhodesia to 1924 – D A Mitchell and G W Begg

The Gold Mines of Southern Rhodesia to 1924

D A Mitchell and G W Begg

This well researched book of 304 pages provides an in depth study of the gold mines in Southern Rhodesia. Early chapters cover mining history, mining law and mining documents. Then follows a listing of 125 mines each with its history, postal history, output of the mine and its location shown by both a map and geographical co-ordinates (an example of the map for Shamrock Mine is shown in the September 2019 Journal).

The manuscript of the book is dated 1996 when reproduction techniques were not as advanced as they are today, thus the quality of the black and white illustrations of covers and documents is not up to modern standards. The sections on mining documents and postal history are perhaps better covered elsewhere but the strength of the book lies in the history and geography of each mine. All mines are covered even if they had no post office and even towns which had a mine but “mine” was not in the post office name.”


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Southern Rhodesia – King George V Philately – Otto Peetoom

Southern Rhodesia – King George V Philately

Otto Peetoom

Researched and written by Otto Peetoom, Southern Rhodesia King George V Philately. A4 size and in full colour. The book covers the following topics:

  • Early History, The lead up to Self Government, Continued use of the BSAC Admirals
  • The 1924 – 35 Stamp issues in depth, including Archival Material and Varieties.
  • Booklets
  • Perfins, Sample Stamps, Revenues, Postal Stationery, Post Offices (opened & closed) Postal Rates
  • Early Aviation, TPO’s, Postal History


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  • Pages: 208
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Spink: The Lionheart Collection of British Commonwealth Part XII


The Lionheart Collection of British Commonwealth Part XII


  • Date: 15 July 2020
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Journal of the Rhodesian Study Circle: No.279 June 2020

Vol. 70 No.3 June 2020/No.279

  • Editorial
  • From the RSC Council
  • Members News and Information
  • Book Review
  • A new world in philately
  • Matters Arising
  • Members Ask
  • Members Share
  • Reports of RSC Meetings
    • ‘Virtual’ Meetings (11/4/2020)
  • In Search of the “Intruder” – Allen Kirkpatrick and David Spivack
  • On stamps, birds and Mana Pools – H.D. Mitchell
  • The story of two Gatoomas: a forgotten history of philatelic significance – Rob Burrett
  • The story around an 1899 postal stationery card from Barotseland – Patrick Flanagan and Sean Burke
  • Northern Rhodesia hand sketched essays (competitive) for the 1953 Rhodes Centenary Issue – Patrick Flanagan
  • Air mail cover from Southern Rhodesia to Seychelles – Peter Wingent
  • Early Rhodesian newspapers: 1891 Mashonaland Herald, 1894 Matabele Times and 1897 The Nugget – Patrick Flanagan
  • The Role of Chinde in the Early Mails of BCA and North-Eastern Rhodesia – Mark Ladd
  • The Glasgow Zambesia and the Coillard Memorial Hall in Livingstone, Zambia – Sean Burke
  • On Monteverdi from Sefula – Patrick Flanagan
  • The Abolition of Slavery in Barotseland – Paul Peggie and Sean Burke
  • Quitrent in Rhodesia 1894 to 1934 Adrian de Bourbon and Christopher Cooksey
  • A United Nations and Kariba Dam Cover – Walter Herdzik
  • 1917 Rhodesia Inverted Penny Surcharges – Dave Cooper
  • The King and Queen Issue of 1910 One Penny with Compound Perforations – Bernard Livermore
  • One of the remarkable women in Barotseland – Sean Burke (with help from Keith Harrop & Peter Wingent)
    A new £1 Double Head? – Simon Hensman
  • Three Double Head ‘CTO’ discoveries – Robert Gallimore
  • Gunboat Mail – HMS Herald, Zambezi River 1895 – Brian Coop
  • UMCA Series 3 Postcards – Colin Gardner
  • Celebrating Kariba’s Diamond Jubilee on 17 May, 2020 – Jono Waters
  • The First Postmaster at Kazungula and Sesheke – Sean Burke and Patrick Flanagan
  • A RSC Imaginary Zoom Meeting

Kariba – Legacy of a Vision – Jonathan Waters

Kariba – Legacy of a Vision

Jonathan Waters

Kariba Dam was ‘Africa’s Greatest Mass of Masonry Since the Pharaohs Built the Pyramids’, the Sunday Mail thundered on completion of the wall in 1959. In this picture-rich book, the construction of what remains the world’s biggest man-made lake is retold by those involved in the project.

Strong on social history, Kariba – Legacy of a Vision by Jonathan Waters contains the stories of over 100 people who drove the development of industries around the lake in the six decades since its completion.


  • Release Date: 1 June 2020
  • Pages: 320
  • Publisher: New Zanji
  • Price: USD$40 + P&H

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Journal of the Rhodesian Study Circle: No.278 May 2020

Vol. 70 No.2 May 2020/No.278

  • Editorial
  • Chairman’s Report
  • Members News and Information
  • Book Review
  • Matters Arising
  • Members Ask
  • Rhodesia 1890-1924. The Postal History and Stamps of the British South Africa Company. Display to the Royal Philatelic Society London 20 February 2020 By Colin Hoffman RDPSA, FRPSL
  • Reports of RSC Meetings:
    • Melbourne (14/3/2020)
    • Harare (8/2/2020)
    • Johannesburg (22/2/2020)
  • Overprint Oddities, a sign of Zambia’s Postal Woes? – Adam Goulding
  • Three interesting ‘historical’ documents – Adrian de Bourbon
  • The Gwelo ‘M’ Post Office – Mike Hughes
  • Bulawayo brochures, publicity items in which postal rates and times are shown – Rob Burrett
  • Queen Elizabeth II material ex Archives – Patrick Flanagan
  • Preamble to the Colours and Printings of the Rhodesia Double Head – Stephen Reah-Johnson and Simon Hensman
  • The Chaos at ZIMPOST in 2019 – Geoff Brakspear
  • Some interesting BCA / Nyasaland items – Patrick Flanagan and John Shawley 
  • Rhodesia Admiral Postal Stationery Cards – Andrew Wilkie
  • 1915 Registered Linen Parcel Tag with 2/6d Die II Plate 3 State 3 (SG Unlisted); two strips of three and one block of ten and four single copies – Allen Kirkpatrick
  • 1959 Rhodesia & Nyasaland 2½d Fairbridge Memorial – Dave Cooper
  • Some further thoughts about the postcards published by the Paris Missionary Society in Barotseland – Sean Burke
  • The British South Africa Company, King George V Admiral Series. Rediscovering
    the Origin of the Portrait – David Spivack and Colin Hoffman RDPSA, FRPSL
  • Early map of Bulawayo 1896 – Mike Barter
  • Early revenue usage of Rhodesia’s first stamps – Mike Barter
  • Memoir 32: McNeil’s Giraffe: The African Sketches of a Scottish PostmasterAnita McCullough

Encyclopedia: Zimbabwe 2000-2019


Zimbabwe 2000-2019


Rhodesian Study Circle: Members Auction – March 2020

Rhodesian Study Circle

Members Auction – November 2020

The Rhodesian Study Circle March 2020 auction is now available. This auction is only available to members of the Rhodesian Study Circle. Not a member? Join now!



Argyll-Etkin: Auction No.45


Auction No.45


Journal of the Rhodesian Study Circle: No.277 March 2020

Vol. 70 No.1 March 2020/No.277

  • Editorial
  • Members News and Information
  • Matters Arising
  • Members Ask
  • Members Share
  • Reports of Meetings and Exhibitions:
    • London (16/11/2019)
    • South West England (20/10/2019)
    • East Rand Stamp Show (4-7/9/2019)
    • Harare (19/10/2019)
    • Melbourne (23/11/2019)
    • London (18/1/2020)
    • Johannesburg (23/11/2019)
  • Proving Position for the Double Head 1/- RSC-F1 (6B) – Simon Hensman
  • Further examples of P.O.W. mail – Keith Harrop
  • Closed contray to regulations  – Keith Harrop
  • An Interesting Find of the Perf. 15 2d RSC ‘C’ Double Head – But How Unusual Is It? – Robert Gallimore
  • Kalulushi, Chibuluma Mine and the Congo Crisis – Adam Goulding
  • The Die II 6d Plate 4, State 2, Printing – Allen Kirkpatrick
  • Rhodesian Railways Prepaid Newspaper Parcel – Keith Harrop
  • Northern Rhodesia to The Gold Coast by Air Mail in 1935 – Peter Wingent
  • Rhodesia Postal Stationery Revisited – Wayne Menuz
  • Something from the Archives
  • UMCA Postcards – Series 1B – Colin Gardiner
  • UMCA Postcards – Series 8 – Brian Coop
  • Zimbabwe Airport Departure Tax/Fee – Adrian de Bourbon
  • Southern Rhodesia King George V Sheet Numbers – James Gavin
  • Postcard Forum: Anglo-Boer War Era Postcards – Andrew Wilkie
  • Some examples of Boer War and Censored Mail in Rhodesia – Paul Peggie
  • The Oswald Marsh Legacy – Andrew Wilson
  • Remembering Catherine Anne Maeve Marsh (1916-2019) – Colin Fraser
  • 1965 UDI Cover to Kenya – Keith Harrop
  • Sam Kelly: Mixing business with pleasure – Sean Burke
  • Rhodesia UDI Imperforate Stamps/Presentation Cards – Dave Cooper
  • Southern Rhodesia Post Office Savings Bank
  • Sakontwi – The lonely outpost on the Laupula River – Adam Goulding
  • Unusual Tobacco Cover from the United Tobacco Companies (South) Limited – Walter Herdzik
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