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  • 1932 Northbound First Flights to off-line Destinations beyond Africa – Christopher Cooksey     
  • Barotseland-related cover – Justin Corfield       
  • The remarkable Arms 2/6d SG85 issued Nov 1906, Overprinted Rhodesia 1909 and then Surcharged – Dave Cooper       
  • Stanley Gibbons—Autumn Africa Auction 2020.
  • A strange place to discover Christmas greetings from your Grandfather – Peter Hankins     
  • Northern Rhodesia Tourist Publicity Labels – Walter Herdzik       
  • In search of Native Commissioner cancels – Paul Peggie       
  • More on pre-printed envelopes – Patrick Flanagan       
  • Stewart Wright of Abercorn – Anita McCullough
  • Transition from Rhodesia to Southern Rhodesia – the interim period 1 October, 1923 until 31 March, 1924 – Keith Harrop       
  • Early Postal facilities on the Gwanda Goldbelt – Rob Burrett   
  • Nyasaland 1953 Overprinted Revenue Stamps -Stuart Ross       
  • Special Feature: The Spanish Flu in Rhodesia in 1918 – Adrian de Bourbon
  • The Development of Imperial Airways Service from the Rhodesias to Australia 1932-1934 – Christopher Cooksey       
  • Encyclopaedia of Rhodesia and Zimbabwe stamps 1964-2020 Updates – Geoff Brakspear       
  • Auction Report: Nyasaland Field Force Seesaw at Stanley Gibbons – Tony Plumbe     
  • The Bulawayo Chronicle 1898       
  • Use of 1953 Nyasaland Overprinted Revenue Stamps – Stuart Ross
  • Southern Rhodesia King George V Revenue Stamps – David Spivack       
  • The postmarks  of the postal agencies along the line of rail  between Bulawayo and Gwelo. Why was Shangani so different? – Mike Hughes
  • Rhodesia & Nyasaland 1959 Definitive Issue 3d inverted centre printed on gummed side – Dave Cooper      



















The postal history of the American Board of Commissioners in Rhodesia 1893-1977

Rhodesian Study Circle

Memoir 35 – The postal history of the American Board of Commissioners in Rhodesia 1893-1977


(Available October/November 2020)
  • Memoir: 35
  • Author: Mark M. Loomis and Sean Burke
  • Prices: 
    • PDF – £5
    • Print Copy (Members Only) – £15 plus P&H (UK – £4.00; Europe – £7.50; RoW – £14.50)
    • Print Copy (Non-Members) – Add £2 to above.

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Conversations with Swiss Missionaries in Barotseland 1940-1972

Rhodesian Study Circle

Conversations with Swiss Missionaries in Barotseland 1940-1972 (with photographs and watercolours by Claire Bornand)

A new publication of the RSC by member Ian Menzies (who resides in Geneva and farms cattle in Zimbabwe). This is a much smaller publication than recent Memoirs;  it is about a rather intimate encounter with one of those brave women who journeyed to Central Africa as missionaries in the middle of the 20th Century and is entitled: Conversations with Swiss Missionaries in Barotseland 1940-1972.

Conversations with Swiss missionaries’ is the story of a young nurse – Claire Bornand –  from Geneva who sets out for Barotseland in 1940. She travels through Vichy France, through post Civil War Spain and eventually to her station on the Upper Zambezi. Many of her veteran colleagues are ill or exhausted and she soon finds herself taking responsibility for a clinic and treating thousands of patients. In her diary, she records Lozi customs, she photographs scenes on the Zambezi and botanical observations in her delightful series of watercolours. The 40 page book is based on interviews, documents bequeathed to the Geneva Ethnographic Museum and Paris DEFAP missionary archives.


  • Title: Conversations with Swiss Missionaries in Barotseland 1940-1972 
  • Author: Ian Menzies
  • Available from late July, 2020.
  • Prices:
    • PDF – N/A
    • Print Copy (Members Only) – UK £8 including P&H; Europe £10 including P&H; International £12 including P&H
    • Print Copy (Non-Members) – Add £2 to the above

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  • Reports of Meetings:
  • Melbourne (9 and 10 May, 2020)                                
  • Manchester (30 May, 2020)      
  • Air mail between Rhodesia and Russia in the 1930’s – Peter Wingent
  • Soliloquies – Dirk Kind
  • An early share certificate from the Bulawayo Stock Exchange – Mike Barter
  • A ‘receipt’ postcard from Kasama – Mark Thomas
  • An interesting 1910 Quitrent variation ex Bulawayo – Patrick Flanagan
  • Tschinde – a pictorial review from the African Lakes Archives – Stuart Ross
  • Rhodesia & Nyasaland Archival Material – Patrick Flanagan   
  • World War II Mail – Keith Harrop
  • Some Northern Rhodesia cancels from the Federation Period – Terry Devine      
  • Plumtree School – Mike Hughes   
  • A forty-year love affair – Bob Gibbs   
  • A Tale of Two Plates –  A Doublehead Puzzle Explored – Bob Looker
  • Alfred Bertrand 1856 – 1924, Geneva explorer, adventurer and philanthropist Ian Menzies
  • Joseph Edward McMaster: Postmaster General – British Central Africa – Brian Coop
  • The 1924 Double Head “Remainders” – Another Update – Peter Merrick, Simon Hensman and Robert Gallimore
  • A cover to Miss Borrow – Derek Lambert, Mike Barter and Dirk Kind     
  • North of the Zambesi revisited – Tony Banks
  • Samuel Koslowsky – Family Matters in Philately – Walter Herdzik   
  • Samuel Koslowsky, my Father – Sonja Stein
  • An Entire from Livingstone in October, 1913 – Bob Gibbs























The Gold Mines of Southern Rhodesia to 1924 – D A Mitchell and G W Begg

The Gold Mines of Southern Rhodesia to 1924

D A Mitchell and G W Begg

This well researched book of 304 pages provides an in depth study of the gold mines in Southern Rhodesia. Early chapters cover mining history, mining law and mining documents. Then follows a listing of 125 mines each with its history, postal history, output of the mine and its location shown by both a map and geographical co-ordinates (an example of the map for Shamrock Mine is shown in the September 2019 Journal).

The manuscript of the book is dated 1996 when reproduction techniques were not as advanced as they are today, thus the quality of the black and white illustrations of covers and documents is not up to modern standards. The sections on mining documents and postal history are perhaps better covered elsewhere but the strength of the book lies in the history and geography of each mine. All mines are covered even if they had no post office and even towns which had a mine but “mine” was not in the post office name.”


  • Price:
    • Digital Copy (PDF) – £5
    • Printed Copy – £22 +P&H

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Southern Rhodesia – King George V Philately – Otto Peetoom

Southern Rhodesia – King George V Philately

Otto Peetoom

Researched and written by Otto Peetoom, Southern Rhodesia King George V Philately. A4 size and in full colour. The book covers the following topics:

  • Early History, The lead up to Self Government, Continued use of the BSAC Admirals
  • The 1924 – 35 Stamp issues in depth, including Archival Material and Varieties.
  • Booklets
  • Perfins, Sample Stamps, Revenues, Postal Stationery, Post Offices (opened & closed) Postal Rates
  • Early Aviation, TPO’s, Postal History


  • Release Date: Pre-Order
  • Pages: 208
  • Price: £30 + P&H
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