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Rhodesian Study Circle: Members Auction – March 2020

Rhodesian Study Circle

Members Auction – November 2020

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Argyll-Etkin: Auction No.45


Auction No.45


Journal of the Rhodesian Study Circle: No.277 March 2020

Vol. 70 No.1 December 2020/No.277

  • Editorial
  • Members News and Information
  • Matters Arising
  • Members Ask
  • Members Share
  • Reports of Meetings and Exhibitions:
    • London (16/11/2019)
    • South West England (20/10/2019)
    • East Rand Stamp Show (4-7/9/2019)
    • Harare (19/10/2019)
    • Melbourne (23/11/2019)
    • London (18/1/2020)
    • Johannesburg (23/11/2019)
  • Proving Position for the Double Head 1/- RSC-F1 (6B) – Simon Hensman
  • Further examples of P.O.W. mail – Keith Harrop
  • Closed contray to regulations  – Keith Harrop
  • An Interesting Find of the Perf. 15 2d RSC ‘C’ Double Head – But How Unusual Is It? – Robert Gallimore
  • Kalulushi, Chibuluma Mine and the Congo Crisis – Adam Goulding
  • The Die II 6d Plate 4, State 2, Printing – Allen Kirkpatrick
  • Rhodesian Railways Prepaid Newspaper Parcel – Keith Harrop
  • Northern Rhodesia to The Gold Coast by Air Mail in 1935 – Peter Wingent
  • Rhodesia Postal Stationery Revisited – Wayne Menuz
  • Something from the Archives
  • UMCA Postcards – Series 1B – Colin Gardiner
  • UMCA Postcards – Series 8 – Brian Coop
  • Zimbabwe Airport Departure Tax/Fee – Adrian de Bourbon
  • Southern Rhodesia King George V Sheet Numbers – James Gavin
  • Postcard Forum: Anglo-Boer War Era Postcards – Andrew Wilkie
  • Some examples of Boer War and Censored Mail in Rhodesia – Paul Peggie
  • The Oswald Marsh Legacy – Andrew Wilson
  • Remembering Catherine Anne Maeve Marsh (1916-2019) – Colin Fraser
  • 1965 UDI Cover to Kenya – Keith Harrop
  • Sam Kelly: Mixing business with pleasure – Sean Burke
  • Rhodesia UDI Imperforate Stamps/Presentation Cards – Dave Cooper
  • Southern Rhodesia Post Office Savings Bank
  • Sakontwi – The lonely outpost on the Laupula River – Adam Goulding
  • Unusual Tobacco Cover from the United Tobacco Companies (South) Limited – Walter Herdzik

Journal of the Rhodesian Study Circle: 2020 – 2029



Philatelic Friends: Auction 36 – January 2020


The Pre-Federation Posts of Northern Rhodesia – W G Nodder

The Pre-Federation Posts of Northern Rhodesia

W G Nodder

Rhodesian Study Circle: Memoir 32 – McNeil’s Giraffe: The African Sketches of a Scottish Postmaster

Rhodesian Study Circle

McNeil’s Giraffe: The African Sketches of a Scottish Postmaster

Memoir 32, McNeil’s Giraffe: The African Sketches of a Scottish Postmaster (ISBN 978-1-908365-09-5) is the quintessential North-Eastern Rhodesia back-story shedding light on the Edwardians of the Tanganyika Plateau. Postcards, photographs – and Jim McNeil’s irrepressible creativity – reveal the many commercial hopes, and the administrative and domestic challenges of the era.

This account gives a new voice to the second-wave pioneers of NER and BCA who followed the terrestrial telegraph line, developed the missions, took the lake steamers and relied on the postal system for their well-being and sustenance.

Mporokoso’s native commissioner and poet, Cullen Gouldsbury, says in his 1908 book ‘An African Year’, that the “especial charm of Plateauland … is the drive, deeply implanted in the human breast, to be, as it were, a Triton among the minnows. Man who in London or Glasgow would be chained to a wholly uninteresting office-stool, unnoticed and unknown, rises here in his own small sphere, to the dignity of a plenipotentiary.” This man surely was Jim McNeil, postmaster and telegraphist of Abercorn.

“I found it an enthralling read … absolutely fascinating and accessible … an astonishing bit of sustained research; no stone unturned …rooted in diary entries and personal letters and illustrates the lives of some remarkable people … a really great run of rare photographs.” Richard Rathbone, Emeritus Professor, Department of History, Religions & Philosophies, SOAS.


  • Memoir: 32
  • Title: McNeil’s Giraffe: The African Sketches of a Scottish Postmaster
  • Author: Anita McCullough
  • Prices: To Pre-Order, register your interest through the ORDER FORM.

RSC Journal: No.276 December 2019

Vol. 69 No.4 September 2019/No.275

  • Editorial
  • Membership News and Information
  • Obituary: Rev. David Hubbard
  • Book Reviews
  • Matters Arising
  • Members Ask
  • Members Share
  • RSC Meetings and Exhibitions:
    • Cape Town (16/02/2019)
    • San Francisco (26/04/2019)
    • Melbourne (02/05/2019)
    • South West England (02/06/2019)
    • Stockholmia (26/05-02/06/2019)
    • London (29/06/2019)
  • ‘Silver Queen Flight’ – England to South Africa – Keith Harrop
  • Two Afternoons with Lamar Stout
  • A morning in early May with the £1 Double Head in Napa, California
  • Rhodesia Admirals – Allen Kirkpatrick
  • Postcard Forum – Andrew Wilkie
  • Some postcards of possible interest – Colin Hoffman
  • Unadopted Rhodesia & Nyasaland essays – Keith Harrop
  • Some items of postal history from the BSAC Admiral period – Derek Lambert
  • W Ellerton Fry and George Washington Wilson – Colin Hoffman and Sean Burke
  • The Pre-Colonial Bulawayo Posts, 1875-1893: Some research findings – Ian Johnstone
  • The source of the image for the 1905 Victoria Falls issue – Colin Hoffman and Sean Burke
  • Early air dispatches from Livingstonia, Nyasaland – Brian Coop
  • First day cancel on a Rhodesia Admiral – a new find
  • The Development of the Rose of Sharon and Shamrock Mine – Christopher Cooksey
  • Possibly the earliest reference to the ‘OD’ flaw on the 1d Double Head – Derek Lambert
  • The Reuters Private Telegraph stamps of Matabeleland – Part 3 – Julian Schamroth
  • The first post office of Marandellas – Mike Barter
  • Some interesting research findings for our archives
  • New Insights into a BSAC Admiral Rarity – SG 256b – How many exist? – David Spivack
  • Remembering Stan Carey and Arcturus – Dave Cooper
  • Stanley Gibbons BSAC Admiral Catalogue Listing update
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