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Rhodesian Study Circle

Members Auction – November 2020

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Argyll-Etkin: Auction No.45


Auction No.45


Journal of the Rhodesian Study Circle: No.277 March 2020

Vol. 70 No.1 December 2020/No.277

  • Editorial
  • Members News and Information
  • Matters Arising
  • Members Ask
  • Members Share
  • Reports of Meetings and Exhibitions:
    • London (16/11/2019)
    • South West England (20/10/2019)
    • East Rand Stamp Show (4-7/9/2019)
    • Harare (19/10/2019)
    • Melbourne (23/11/2019)
    • London (18/1/2020)
    • Johannesburg (23/11/2019)
  • Proving Position for the Double Head 1/- RSC-F1 (6B) – Simon Hensman
  • Further examples of P.O.W. mail – Keith Harrop
  • Closed contray to regulations  – Keith Harrop
  • An Interesting Find of the Perf. 15 2d RSC ‘C’ Double Head – But How Unusual Is It? – Robert Gallimore
  • Kalulushi, Chibuluma Mine and the Congo Crisis – Adam Goulding
  • The Die II 6d Plate 4, State 2, Printing – Allen Kirkpatrick
  • Rhodesian Railways Prepaid Newspaper Parcel – Keith Harrop
  • Northern Rhodesia to The Gold Coast by Air Mail in 1935 – Peter Wingent
  • Rhodesia Postal Stationery Revisited – Wayne Menuz
  • Something from the Archives
  • UMCA Postcards – Series 1B – Colin Gardiner
  • UMCA Postcards – Series 8 – Brian Coop
  • Zimbabwe Airport Departure Tax/Fee – Adrian de Bourbon
  • Southern Rhodesia King George V Sheet Numbers – James Gavin
  • Postcard Forum: Anglo-Boer War Era Postcards – Andrew Wilkie
  • Some examples of Boer War and Censored Mail in Rhodesia – Paul Peggie
  • The Oswald Marsh Legacy – Andrew Wilson
  • Remembering Catherine Anne Maeve Marsh (1916-2019) – Colin Fraser
  • 1965 UDI Cover to Kenya – Keith Harrop
  • Sam Kelly: Mixing business with pleasure – Sean Burke
  • Rhodesia UDI Imperforate Stamps/Presentation Cards – Dave Cooper
  • Southern Rhodesia Post Office Savings Bank
  • Sakontwi – The lonely outpost on the Laupula River – Adam Goulding
  • Unusual Tobacco Cover from the United Tobacco Companies (South) Limited – Walter Herdzik

Journal of the Rhodesian Study Circle: 2020 – 2029



Philatelic Friends: Auction 36 – January 2020


The Pre-Federation Posts of Northern Rhodesia – W G Nodder

The Pre-Federation Posts of Northern Rhodesia

W G Nodder

RSC Journal: No.276 December 2019

Vol. 69 No.4 September 2019/No.275

  • Editorial
  • Membership News and Information
  • Obituary: Rev. David Hubbard
  • Book Reviews
  • Matters Arising
  • Members Ask
  • Members Share
  • RSC Meetings and Exhibitions:
    • Cape Town (16/02/2019)
    • San Francisco (26/04/2019)
    • Melbourne (02/05/2019)
    • South West England (02/06/2019)
    • Stockholmia (26/05-02/06/2019)
    • London (29/06/2019)
  • ‘Silver Queen Flight’ – England to South Africa – Keith Harrop
  • Two Afternoons with Lamar Stout
  • A morning in early May with the £1 Double Head in Napa, California
  • Rhodesia Admirals – Allen Kirkpatrick
  • Postcard Forum – Andrew Wilkie
  • Some postcards of possible interest – Colin Hoffman
  • Unadopted Rhodesia & Nyasaland essays – Keith Harrop
  • Some items of postal history from the BSAC Admiral period – Derek Lambert
  • W Ellerton Fry and George Washington Wilson – Colin Hoffman and Sean Burke
  • The Pre-Colonial Bulawayo Posts, 1875-1893: Some research findings – Ian Johnstone
  • The source of the image for the 1905 Victoria Falls issue – Colin Hoffman and Sean Burke
  • Early air dispatches from Livingstonia, Nyasaland – Brian Coop
  • First day cancel on a Rhodesia Admiral – a new find
  • The Development of the Rose of Sharon and Shamrock Mine – Christopher Cooksey
  • Possibly the earliest reference to the ‘OD’ flaw on the 1d Double Head – Derek Lambert
  • The Reuters Private Telegraph stamps of Matabeleland – Part 3 – Julian Schamroth
  • The first post office of Marandellas – Mike Barter
  • Some interesting research findings for our archives
  • New Insights into a BSAC Admiral Rarity – SG 256b – How many exist? – David Spivack
  • Remembering Stan Carey and Arcturus – Dave Cooper
  • Stanley Gibbons BSAC Admiral Catalogue Listing update

Aerogrammes of British Central Africa

Aerogrammes of British Central Africa

This listing will deal with the special printed forms used in the three countries of British Central Africa as a means of providing an inexpensive air mail service using a custom designed air letter form. It is not confined to postal stationery (that is stationery produced bearing an imprinted valid postage stamp and sold by or on behalf of a postal authority) but will include air letter sheets and aerogrammes issued without an imprinted stamp, provided there is evidence of the use of that form of air letter sheet or aerogrammes in one or more of the countries.

As and when new information is received the relevant chapters will be updated and republished. Please note that this could involve the renumbering of the items within a chapter. Be sure to always use the latest update, which will be dated.

If you would like to contribute any information, please Contact Us.

Many thanks,
Adrian de Bourbon
November 2019



  • Hugh Amoore
  • Sean Burke
  • Geoff Brakspear
  • Tony Banks
  • James Gavin
  • Keith Harrop
  • Barry Horne
  • Narendrha Morar
  • Dave Trathen
  • Otto Peetoom
  • Allan Rendle
  • Stuart Ross
  • Mark Thomas

Spink: The Philatelic Collectors’ Series – January, 2020


The Philatelic Collectors Series


  • Date: 30th January, 2020
  • Catalogue: Order via website link. PDF not yet available.
  • Website: www.spink.com

Zimbabwe Post Offices and Postmarks, the First Decades – Derrick Byrom

Zimbabwe Post Offices and Postmarks, the First Decades

Derrick Byrom


(Detailed listing, status of offices, name changes, spelling changes, opening and closing of offices, full information – maps – notes, profusely illustrated with new Zimbabwe postmarks, 48 pages A4, squareback and limp cover.)

Derrick Byrom of Harare was the pioneering student of modern Zimbabwe postal history. This publication bears witness to his endeavours in meticulously recording the changes of names and of spelling of place-names and the opening and closing of postal offices during Zimbabwe’s first two decades.

In 1982 he became the exchange packet superintendent of the Mashonaland Philatelic Society, and served collectors in this capacity until his untimely passing in 2000. He won every trophy awarded by the society, and in 1986 was elected to honorary membership. Derrick Alan Byrom was born in Salisbury, Rhodesia, as it then was, on 12 June 1938. After passing the Cambridge School Certificate at Prince Edward High School in 1955, he joined the then Native Affairs Department as a clerk and worked in rural areas for seven years, later moving to other government departments. He retired as Chief Executive Officer of the Zimbabwe Department of Home Affairs in 1981, having served 25 years as civil servant.

A highlight in Derrick’s philatelic career was the 30th anniversary celebration in 1998 in Harare of the Rhodesia Study Circle, of which he was made a Fellow in that year. Meanwhile he in 1997 showed “Seldom seen post offices of Zimbabwe” at the South African national philatelic exhibition, Cape Town. His exhibit “Post Offices of Rhodesia and Zimbabwe 1924-1999” in which he traced various changes, achieved a large silver award at the South African national philatelic exhibition Jopex in Johannesburg, 1999. He died in Harare on 8 November 2000, the 60th anniversary day of the founding of the Mashonaland Philatelic Society.

Derrick Byrom collected the range of postal and philatelic material from Zimbabwe independence on 18 April 1980 onwards, including the postmarks, rubber handstamps, registration labels, official post cards, examples of postal slogan cancellations and special event postmarks, first day covers featuring new stamp issues, RAPT charity seals (Rehabilitation and Prevention of Tuberculosis), and notices of postal rate changes, name changes, opening and closing of postal offices – just about everything. In 2004, Mrs Barbara Byrom presented the complete collection, already known as the Byrom legacy, to the Philatelic Federation of South Africa.

Safely kept by the Federation’s Heritage Committee, but unable to do justice to the further classification and suitable handling of the material, the Federation, in 2018, handed the Byrom material to the relevant interest group, the Rhodesia Study Circle, which is a specialist society affiliated to the Federation. On behalf of the Rhodesia Study Circle Patrick, Flanagan RDPSA, made a variety of the postal marks available for illustration in this listing.

This book will be published by the Philatelic Federation of South Africa. (Subscribers will be included in the book.)

Special rates for advanced subscribers (before 31 January, 2020):

  • South Africa R170
  • Zimbabwe R200 (registered),
  • UK and other International £18 (by registered airmail).

If would like to obtain the special rates, please Contact Us.

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