C. W. George

C. W. George

United States of America

Charles A. George from Brooklyn, New York, began producing cacheted First Day Covers in 1919. The cachets were produced on a hand printing press and inscribed C.A.G. or C.George at the bottom of the design. With the birth of his son, he also began inscribing the cachets with his son’s name C.W.G. or C. George.

In 1937, his son Charles W. George followed in his father’s footsteps and began producing his own cachet covers. In 1947, Charles W. had a son, and like his Charles A., began producing covers under his sons name using the inscription C.G.,Jnr. III.

The family later moved to Edison, New Jersey where in 1958, the Ghana Philatelic Agency in New York requested that George produce the official cachet for the First Anniversary of Ghana’s Independence stamp issue. This stimulated George’s interest in foreign First Day Covers and he decided to make them for as many countries as possible.

In 1960, George W.’s wife passed away and the production of cachets dropped to a bare minimum for each stamp. George remarried in 1962 and had another son, Bobby G. Further cachets were produced in his name: Bobby G. George eventually joined a New York stamp firm and the number of covers produced were considerably reduced.

This article was produced with the generous assistance of the American First Day Cover Society.

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