C Salomon & Co

C Salomon & Co


Charleik Salomon was a Romanian immigrant. He arrived in Bulawayo in 1894 and opened a store near that location. He rose rapidly to become a successful wholesaler in the
years before 1914. Charelik had several wholesaling trading companies, Salomon & Stenham, Charelik Salomon and Co., C. Salomon & Co. of Vryburg, and Salomon and Kaufman.

Salomon started business as Salomon and Stenham, partnering with Oscar Steinmann (who later changed his name to Stenham). The company name was then changed to C. Salomon & Co. Stenham lived in London where he served as shipping agent. Shipping agents arranged imports and exports, paid import and export duties, freight charges, and usually gave a guarantee for all payments due by their clients.

In 1936, Charelik merged his company with Oscar Kaufman. The name of their business was again changed to Salomon and Kaufman (Pvt) Ltd. After a serious disagreement, Charelik’s son, Jack Salomon, sold out to Oscar Kaufman. Apparently, Jack liquidated all of his assets in Rhodesia and sent the proceeds out of the country. Oscar Kaufman then renamed his business, Kaufman Sons and Co. (Ltd).

Charelik Salomon became a wealthy wholesale merchant and philanthropist in Southern Rhodesia and one of the major financiers of the Susman brothers, Elie and Harry.