British South Africa Company: Office of Mines – Form 1 (1895 Ordinance)

British South Africa Company

Office of Mines – Form 1 (1895 Ordinance)

335Richard Frank Rand23/12/1895Extra License
10907Robert King Eustace08/09/1896Extra License
12455Abel Ruapp14/02/1898Extra License
12457Abel Luapp14/02/1898Extra License
12458Abel Ruapp14/02/1898Extra License
12502 (1926)William Freud (sp?)14/09/1896
12557 (1978)Julius Altson28/11/1896
15543Edith Kathleen Hull30/05/1899
16391The Mashonaland Development Co Ltd15/02/1899Extra License
16392The Mashonaland Development Co Ltd15/02/1899Extra License
16410Scotia Syndicate16/02/1898Extra License
16412Scotia Syndicate16/02/1898Extra License
16445Rosalie Helen Fairbridge21/05/1898Extra License
16449Rosalie Helen Fairbridge06/06/1898Extra License
16467John Lindsay Crawford07/02/1899Extra License
18001 (36)Eliza Mary Haines11/12/1896Extra License
18002 (37)The Firm Syndicate14/12/1896Extra License
18033 (68)The Vaughan Williams Rhodesian Development Co Ltd29/01/1897Extra License
1804806/03/1899Extra License
18049- Chas. Wilberforce Oxford
- Alf Chas. Russell
15/031899Extra License
60329Grand Champion (Manicaland) Ltd17/03/1903Extra License
60401Andrew Keir29/06/1899Extra License
60443Cyril Dashwood Hoste18/07/1899Extra License
60851Francis Rudolph Myburgh22/11/1901Extra License
60855Hugh Dhaibhidh Tulloch22/11/1901Extra License
60979Mashonaland Agency Ltd26/02/1900Extra License
60984Imperial Gold Mines and Estates Company Ltd26/09/1902Extra License
62998John Alexander Chalmers23/06/1902Extra License
63080George Pilkington Rickards18/09/1902
63475John Moore31/12/1900Extra License
64252Victor Nugent Halliday27/04/1903
64556Simoona Development Co Ltd08/03/1900Extra License
64586Mt Gessra Development Co Ltd18/04/1900Extra License
64764Jon Mack02/11/1899Extra License
68941James Justin Freeman10/07/1902Extra License
71102Johannes Petrus Nell06/05/1904Extra License