British South Africa Company: Department of Mines

British South Africa Company

Department of Mines


Prior to 1895, there was no organised head office of the Mines Departments. In 1891, Mining Commissioners were appointed at Fort Victoria, Salisbury and Lomagundi. In 1894 after the occupation of Matabeleland, a Commissioner was also appointed in Bulawayo and Gwelo.

In 1895, a Commissioner of Mines and Public Works, George Pauling, was appointed. Under him was the Registrar of Claims, District Mining Commissioners, and Claim Inspectors. The main office was located at Salisbury.

In 1896, Hartley Hills was closed due to the First Chimurenga, and the Mining Commissioner of Salisbury was responsible for the district until 1902 when it returned to the district. In 1917, the Office of Mines was moved to Gatooma.


Administrators Office
Office of the Registrar of Claims
Office of Mines


  • Michael Barter
  • Adrian de Bourbon
  • Christopher J Cooksey
  • Straffen Short