British South Africa Company: Administrator’s Office – Government Notice No.8 of 1900

Administrators Office

Government Notice No.8 of 1900

Regulations Respecting Mail Service.


Whereas under the provisions of the North-Eastern Rhodesia Order in Council, 1899, the Administrator has power to make regulations for peace, order and good government, IT IS HEREBY NOTIFIED that the Administrator has, in pursuance of the above powers, made the following regulations:-


1. It is unlawful for any person, unless employed in the Postal Service of North-Eastern Rhodesia, to send or convey any letter from any place within to any place without North-Eastern Rhodesia, or from place to place within North-Eastern Rhodesia except the following:


(i) Letters to or from any place not being on the route along which the post travels.


(ii) Letters concerning goods or other property to be delivered, such letters being sent with, or for the purpose of being delivered at the same time as the property they concern, without hire or reward for delivering the same.


(iii) Letters sent by any private friend in his way, journey or travel, so as that such letters shall be delivered by such friend to the party to whom they may be directed, or by any messenger sent on purpose, concerning the private affairs of the sender or receiver of such letters. But no person shall make a collection of such letters hereby excepted, for the purpose of sending them in the manner authorised.


2. The following persons are expressly forbidden to carry a letter, or to receive or collect, or deliver any letter within North-Eastern Rhodesia, although they shall not receive hire or reward for the same, that is to say:-


(a) Common carriers of passengers or good, their drivers, servants or agents, except a letter concerning goods in their custody for carriage.


(b) Owners and masters of ships and their servants and agents, except letters solely concerning goods on board and to be delivered with such goods.


(c) Officers and servants employed in the Postal Service of North-Eastern Rhodesia, except letters received, conveyed, or delivered by them in course of post.


3. Every person sending, dispatching, carrying, collecting, receiving, or delivering any letter, book, newspaper, or parcel contrary to these Regulations, shall be guilty of an offence and liable to a fine not exceeding £1 in respect of every letter, book, newspaper or postal parcel.

4. In these Regulations, “letter” includes “post card,” and “ship” includes every description of vessel used in navigation.

5. These Regulations may be cited as “The Postal Regulations, 1900.”


Robert Codrington, Administrator


Approved: W. H. Manning, Lieut. Colonel, H.M. Acting Commissioner and


Zomba B.C. Africa


  • Date: 11 December 1900
  • Notice: 8/1900