Brethren in Christ Church: Pumula Mission

Brethren in Christ Church

Pumula Mission

Pumula (Phumula) Mission, begun 1955 approximately 65 miles west of Tsholotsho, Matabeleland North Province, was the last of the missions established by Brethren in Christ Church (BICC) in Southern Rhodesia.  The mission came about due to the forced movement of Chief Siphoso Dlodlo and his peoples to the Gwaai S.N.A. (Special Native Area)(Tribal Trust Land) under the Land Apportionment Act.  BICC followed and were granted a site to set up the Pumula Mission.

The Pumula (Phumula) Mission Hospital was opened in 1959.  As of 1970, the hospital served about 3,350 inpatients and offered 6,750 outpatient treatments per year.  It was equipped with 36 beds, maternity ward, rudimentary laboratory and an outpatient clinic.  An x-ray center was added in 2013 to allow the hospital to better screen patients for tuberculosis.   Zimwatuga Primary School is located on/or near the mission.

BICC missionaries to Pumula include Frederic L. Holland (helped to found the mission), Dr. R. Virginia Kauffman (left in 1973), Donna L. Sollenberger, and Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Bulgrien.


  • Mark Loomis