Associated Printers Ltd

Associated Printers Ltd


Associated Printers Ltd was established in 1964 by the Frost family who were originally farmers who came to the area in 1907. The family moved from farming to the printing industry when land ownership became uncertain in the build-up to the independence of Zambia.

Through the amalgamation of many small printing firms, the family built Associated Printers into a thriving 300-worker company headquartered in Zambia’s booming copper belt. However, with independence came large-scale nationalisation of the mines and a steady decline of the economy.

By the mid-1990’s Associated Printers had been reduced to “a few crumbs of its former self”. Priscilla Frost, a journalist, decided to return to Zambia to rescue the family business. Priscilla managed to stabilise Associated Printers but soon handed over the operations to her brother, Peter.

In 2000, Peter immediately set about modernising Associated Printers. Using some capital from the sale of properties belonging to the family, new printing machines were installed, and a signage division was started.

In 2019, the company is moving to develop sites for billboards, and its first mall-based print shop.