Arlen Raymond Mather

Arlen Raymond Mather


Arlen R. Mather was born July 1888 in Indiana.  He graduated from Franklin College in 1910 and later did postgraduate work at the University of Chicago.  He married fellow Franklin College graduate, Miss Faye Moore Smith, in 1914.

The Mathers served as missionaries in Southern Rhodesia with the American Board Mission at Mount Silinda Mission, 1917-1922.  Mr. Mather was the mission’s first Superintendent of Education and, as of 1921, the Mission treasurer.  As director of education, he was responsible for a chain of day schools built up around the mission station in the native villages (Kraals) and was Principal of the Mount Silinda School, which trained local teachers.  Mrs. Mather assisted with educational work and “work for women.”

The Mathers returned to the United States in 1922.  In 1928, they came back to Southern Rhodesia where Mr. Mather served as government inspector of mission schools until his retirement in 1948.   Mr. Mather died in West Lafayette, Indiana November 1966.  Mrs. Mather died January 1979.