Antelope Mine

Antelope Mine

Matobo District

Antelope Mine was established on the site of ancient African workings, in an area once rich in wildlife. The original claim was registered in 1893 and was pegged on 8 October 1894.  New developments commenced before 1906 with milling only commencing in 1913 (eventually closing in 1919).

During the Zimbabwean government’s Gukurahundi campaign against the Ndebele population of southern Zimbabwe in the 1980s, the disused mine workings at Antelope Mine were the site of a concentration camp run by the Fifth Brigade of the Zimbabwean Army. Many prisoners were reported to have been killed and their bodies thrown down the mine shaft. On two instances in 1996 and 1999, skeletal remains believed to be of executed ZAPU prisoners were discovered in the abandoned mineshaft.

Post Office

  • 1910.05.04 – Opened as Postal Agency. Mail runner via Malundi River, Matopos to Westacre, then rail to Bulawayo.
  • 1912.11.04 – Postcart to Matopos, then rail to Bulawayo.
  • 1914.09.07 – Mailcoach to Matopos, then rail to Bulawayo.
  • 1919.12.31 –
    • Tuesday/Wednesday – Mail runner to Fort Usher & Matopos, then by rail to Bulawayo.
    • Saturdays – Mail runner to Matopos, then by rail to Bulawayo.
  • 1925.00.00 – Regular coach service.
  • 1926.01.01 – Motor service from Figtree on Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • 1926.05.16 – Car service from Bulawayo on Wednesdays.
  • 1941.07.31 – Postal Agent assistance commits suicide. Inspection revealed theft from Registered mail.
  • 1944.04.01 – Upgraded to a Money and Telegraph Office.
  • 1946.00.00 – Upgraded to Post Office.
  • 1978.11.03 – Closed after buildings were set alight during course of armed conflict.