American Board Mission: Mount Selinda Mission – Mount Selinda Institute

Mount Selinda Mission

Mount Selinda Institute


Beginning in 1931, the Mount Selinda Training and Practicing School, consisting of the industrial and agricultural departments, teacher training and “practicing school” (primary school and kindergarten) became known as “Mount Selinda Institute.”  The name has also, at times, been used to describe the mission as a whole.

Samuel J. Curtis was principal until 1939.  He was succeeded by Frank T. Meacham.  William H. Reedy was Principal as of 1958.  Other missionaries joining the staff include Evelyn Lyman, Lois A Bergdolt, Mr. and Mrs. Eric Dahle (teacher training) and F. Keith Schwyhart.

By 1958, the Institute had 500 students in the primary school, teachers’ training, and 3-year courses in building construction and carpentry.  Secondary education was introduced in the mid to late -1960’s.

Today, under the direction of United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe (UCCZ), Mt. Selinda is the site of the Mount Selinda High School (secondary school with boarding facilities for boys and girls) and Mount Selinda primary school.


  • Mark Loomis