Albert Spear Hitchcock

Albert Spear Hitchcock


Albert Spear Hitchcock (b.September 4, 1865) was an American botanist and agrostologist.

Hitchcock graduated from the Iowa Agricultural College with bachelor’s degree in 1884 and M.S. in 1886. From 1892 to 1901 he was a professor of botany at the Kansas Agricultural College. Hitchcock joined the United States Department of Agriculture in 1901 as Assistant Agrostologist under Frank Lamson-Scribner. In 1905 he was put in charge of the grass herbarium and became Systematic Agrostologist.

In 1912 he became Custodian of Grasses, Division of Plants, United States National Museum. Hitchcock remained Custodian without remuneration until his death. His field notebooks are archived in the Smithsonian Institution. He was a professor of botany in the Kansas State Agricultural College and authored over 250 works during his lifetime.

After 1928, he held the title of Principal Biologist in charge of Systematic Agrostology of the Department of Agriculture. He died on 16th December, 1935 on board the liner City of Norfolk, in which he was returning to the United States after visiting various European herbaria and attending the International Botanical Congress at Amsterdam.

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