Albert James Storey

Albert James Storey


Albert James Storey was born in England on 26th August, 1874 and went to British Central Africa in 1896 working as a book-keeper to the Zambesi Industrial Mission. Around 1900, he went into business establishing A J Storey General Stores.

In 1901, Storey attempted to marry a local native woman, Alice Ndumei, of Kuligowe’s village in Southern Angoniland. However, the woman was considered ‘of ordinary type’ and ‘excessively stupid.’ Therefore, she was considered unable to enter into a contract of marriage with Storey.

He had established himself as a photographer, auctioneer, commission agent, accountant, and auditor dealing in general store goods by 1908 and in 1922 he had stores in Zomba, Port Herald and Fort Johnston. He also had garages in Blantyre and Zomba.

In 1932 he moved to Limbe and establish a cigarette factory producing A J S Cigarettes. Around this time he appears to have given up the retail industry and his photography business and by 1938 he was working for the Nyasaland Tea Marketing Expansion Board. He was considered an ardent philatelist.



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