Agfa-Gevaert N.V.

Agfa-Gevaert N.V.


Agfa-Gevaert N.V. is a Belgian-German multinational corporation that develops, manufactures, and distributes analogue and digital imaging products and systems, as well as IT solutions.

It was established as Aktiengesellschaft für Anilinfabrikation (Corporation for Aniline Production) in 1867 as a manufacturer of dyes and stains. It became a public limited company in 1873. In 1903 it produced its first cinematographic film. In 1906 the Belgian firm Gevaert & Cie invented the first chlorobromide paper under the Blue Star label. It was also a develop out paper but it produced better tonalities in a warm brown. Chlorobromide papers are now the most widely used.

Agfa film and cameras were once prominent consumer products. However, in 2004, the consumer imaging division was sold to a company founded via management buyout. AgfaPhoto GmbH, as the new company was called, filed for bankruptcy after just one year. The brands are now licensed to other companies by AgfaPhoto Holding GmbH, a holding firm. Following this sale, Agfa-Gevaert’s commerce today is 100% business-to-business.


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