A Marion & Co.

A Marion & Co.


The firm of Augustin Marion was established in the mid 1830’s by Claude Mames Augustin Marion selling fine French stationary. The business is believed to have been located at 14 Cite Bergere, Paris.

In c.1842 a branch of the firm was established at 19 Mortimer St. London, selling fine stationary and fancy goods imported from France. In 1846 The firm moved to 152 Regent St. London and the business name was changed to include “and company”.

Around 1854 the firm began to stock “photographic papers” in addition to the fine stationery at the Regent St. location. Marion advertised that they stocked papers manufactured expressly for Photographic purposes, including Positive and Negative (not prepared) papers; Simple Salted and Salted Albumenized Positive; Simple Waxed, and Waxed Iodized Negative; Gummed Paper, and Cards for Mounting Proofs.

By, 1857 the firm was credited with introducing Carte-de-visite to great Britain. They had a thriving wholesale business of celebrity photographs.. They maintained a large stock of portraitures, taken by many famous photographers and would supply the leading shops of the day. In 1862 Mr. Frank Bishop the managing director of the of the Soho warehouse stated that “50,000 carte-de-visite passed through the firm’s hands every month”. This operation was bigger than all the countries competitors combined.

In 1863 the company name was changed to Auguste Marion, Son & Co. and had moved to 23 Soho Square, London. By 1866, The firm expanded had opened a warehouse and showroom at 22 & 23 Soho Square, London.

In late 1867, Claude Mames Augustin Marion, the elder retired from the business and the business was then taken over and operated by three business partners, including Claude Mames Augustin Marion’s son, Auguste Leon Marion, Henry Edward Gery and George Bishop. the company name was changed to simply “Marion & Co.”