A. B. C. Railway Guide

A. B. C. Railway Guide


The original ABC Alphabetical Railway Guide was first published in 1853, and was probably the most significant competitor to the more well known Bradshaw’s. Unlike Bradshaw’s, which disappeared from Britain’s railway stations at around the same time as steam trains, the ABC Railway Guide persisted into the 21st century after being renamed firstly to the ABC Rail Guide and finally as the OAG Rail Guide.

OAG finally ceased publication of the OAG Rail Guide in 2007, but the title was picked up by Ian Allen Publications for a new series of books by Colin Marsden starting with the abc Rail Guide 2010. Unlike the previous versions, the abc Rail Guides (with a lower case ‘abc’) do not contain timetable and travel information; instead, they are aimed at the rail enthusiast and, as the publisher blurb puts it, are “designed to guide railway enthusiasts through the pitfalls of spotting, and to provide tips on how to make the most of this popular hobby.”


  • Walter Herdzik