2016 – News & Updates

2016 – News & Updates

December 2016

  • New Events added for:
    • Lions International
    • Scouts
    • Craven Week
    • Golden Jubilee of Parliament
  • New proof added to GVI Definitives (SR) – 1/6d 31522/23
  • Southern Rhodesia George VI Presentation pieces added.
  • Rhodesia Pre-Production & Presentation pieces added to Mardon Printers
  • Air Rhodesia & First Boeing flights added
  • All issues for Rhodesia from 1970-1978 added.
  • Edward VIII Southern Rhodesia Definitives added (Unproduced)
  • 10th Anniversary of Federation added (Unproduced)
  • Last day of Gwaai PO added.
  • Page for GSM for BSAC 1909 overprint article.
  • EBS Mercer added to Postcard (more images to come)
  • Work has begun on cleaning up the Printers section:
    • Double Heads
    • George VI Definitive (SR)
  • Images added for S C Turner postcards (Series 1 & 2)
  • 1947 & 1953 Royal Visit added (more to come).
  • Added S C Turner postcards (contribution by Andrew Wilkie).
  • Added new printer samples for Order 20268 & 141704
  • Added Nyasaland 1d 1947 Leopard issue including new material from Spinks.
  • Added Victoria Falls Display by Otto Peetoom.
  • Updated Southern Rhodesia 1940 Jubilee issue, including new plate proof.
  • New postcard added to Preece & MaCKenzie
  • Added various Rhodesian study groups.
  • Added Livingstone Tourist Centre cinderella.

November 2016

  • Membership forms have been simplified.
  • Record winning sales for Oct Spink Philatelic Collectors Series Sales added.
  • Argus Printing and Publishing Co Ltd postcards added – contribution by Andrew Wilkie.
  • Preece & MacKenzie/Preece and Harrison postcards added – contribution by Andrew Wilkie.
  • Rusitu Mission Station added (contribution by Mark Loomis).

October 2016

  • FDC series added to London Assurance.
  • Waterlow & Sons Ltd printing order 82815 added. New material added to 132660
  • T M Miller/Miller Maskew added – contribution by Andrew Wilkie. More photos to come.
  • STAMPEX Spring 2017 added
  • 2017 Single Sheet, Post Card and Livermore competitions added.
  • Free Methodist Church – Lundi and Central Africa Mission – Hippo Valley added with contributions by Mark Loomis.
  • Corrections to Clark’s Curios data by Andrew Wilkie.

September 2016

  • Most stamp issues of Malawi and Zambia until 1975 have now been loaded onto the website. Rhodesia is next.
  • Rhodesian Philatelist and Southern Africa Philately issues added.
  • Orange Free State Study Circle added.
  • RSC 2017 Annual Conference page added.

August 2016

  • SAPDAPEX 2016 information added.
  • Malawi stamp issues from 1964-1969 added.
  • Nyasaland stamp issues from 1960-1969 added.
  • Beginning work on issues from 1971 onwards.

June 2016

  • Added quite a few airmails and galleries of covers for 1931 Xmas mail, 1932 London – Cape Town flights, First flights to Singapore, Calcutta, Hong Kong, Australia & NZ.
  • More printing orders added for Waterlow and Sons.
  • Began loading up listings of the back issues for the RSC Journal. 1948-1956 completed. 1960-1962 completed.
  • International Exhibitions and RSC award winners have been added for 1948-1962 (more to come).
  • Hobart Stamp Exhibition added.
  • Corbitts Stamp Auction added.
  • Spinks Philatelic Collector Series added.
  • Back issues can now be ordered online.
  • Added advertising pages for H H Henwood & Co, Lusaka and District Publicity Association, A J Storey and Osman Adam.
  • Add A J Storey postcards, Turk Mine, Lonely Mine, Zambesi Mission and a couple of mission ‘people’, some events and more advertising covers!
  • Added postmarks & post offices beginning with mines.

May 2016

  • Proof material added for:
    • Southern Rhodesia George VI Definitives.
    • BSAC Arms
    • BSAC Double Heads
    • Rhodesia & Nyasaland QEII series.
  • Rhodesia & Nyasaland 1960’s issues uploaded.
  • Annual Conference moved to Previous Conferences. Added Annual Conference 2017
  • Melbourne Exhibition 2017 added.
  • STAMPEX Autumn 2016 added.
  • Updated Southern Rhodesia BSAC issue with new printer’s samples and errors.
  • Adding Events through history.
  • Added old Auctions for Robson Lowe and Sothebys.
  • Added Out of Print Publications.

April 2016

An update to the Template used by the website has limited the original design. Currently working on restoring full design including Header.

    • The Graham M Cooper Collection of George VI Issues added.
    • June issue of Rhodesian Study Circle journal posted.
    • Moved Royal Tours into Events to reduce size of the main menu.
    • Added BSAC and BCA pages.
    • 1897 Arms Issues and 1905 Victoria Falls added.
    • 1946 Victory issues added.
    • Updated details for 2016 Annual Conference
  • HOME:
    • Advertisers widget added: SPINK and John & Mark Taylor added.

March 2016

    • Work on WWII Victory Issues begun.
    • Famous Rhodesians Issue 1 – 9 completed..
    • Photos added to Member’s Section.
    • Updates to Member Meetings for April – June 2016.
    • Added EVENTS to Explore categories.
    • 1980 Independence Election added (Zimbabwe)
    • Independence issues for Zambia, Malawi and Rhodesia added.
    • Printers added – Waterlow & Sons Ltd. Containing proofs, dies, etc.
    • BSAC Golden Jubilee added.
    • 1935 Silver Jubilee – Southern Rhodesia.
    • Adding some posts on Telecommunications issues for Zambia, Southern Rhodesia & Rhodesia including UPU, ITU, Post and Telecoms.
    • March RSC Journal added.
    • Top Links added to Home to allow easy access to important topics.
    • Globe and Phoenix, Penhalonga, Mufulira and Roan Antelope Copper mines added.
    • Jumbo Mine added.
    • Updated Members main page to include pics from social gatherings across the world.
    • Started the first ‘catalogue’ listings for Zambia, Rhodesia & Nyasaland, Southern and Northern Rhodesia, and Rhodesia.

February 2016

  • We have begun migrating content from our old forum into the website. Please expect some ad-hoc information being added.
    • Allenwest, Ambassador Hotel, William Bain & Co, South African Tourist Corporation, Kodak, Matabeleland Farmers Co Op, Caltex, London Assurance and South African Canvas Co. added.
    • A F Philips & Co added.
    • Work has begun on Clark’s Curios/P M Percy and Victor Percy.
    • Payne’s Studios Ltd added to Postcards
    • Lennon Limited, Smart & Copley, Ellis Allen Ltd and Silver Studio’s added under Postcards/Advertising.
    • Postmark section added.
    • Post Offices section added.

January 2016

    • Single sheet competition closed for 23.01.2016
    • Online subscriptions and online payments now accepted. Order and pay in only two steps with PAYPAL!
    • Work has begun on new areas of collecting including: Advertising Covers, Airmails, Missions, Royal Tours.
    • Work completed on RANA first flight covers between Salisbury>Umtali>Blantyre>Beira.
    • Worked completed on Imperial Airways Ltd with 1932 Cape Town to London flights added.
    • British United Airways added.
    • BSAC Display taken offline as author is updating content.
    • Dealers listing added.
    • RSC Journals 2011-2010 have been uploaded. 2010 is the last year to be updated.
    • Memoir pages added and updated.
    • Other Publications pricing has been updated.
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