1973 – International Dental Congress

International Dental Congress

31 July – 3 August 1973

In 1973, the International Dental Congress was held at Victoria Falls, Rhodesia. A decision to hold the congress was made by a meeting of the Executive of the Dental Association of Rhodesia. The purpose of the conference was to clarify the problems associated with specialised dentistry and post-graduate education.

The earliest talk of the conference began in 1965 when it was suggested a senior dental health officer should be appointed for a period of five years to assist with dental issues in the region. An officer was recruited in 1968 and they undertook activities in 1971 and 1972 as part of the lead-up to the conference.

During the conference, Prime Minister Ian Smith attended and made a speech to the attendees.

Commemorative Cachet

A special cancellation was used for the event. It has been seen in both blue and black.

Commemorative Covers